Monkeypox: It rises to 712 positive cases in Peru

Cases of monkeypox continue to rise in the country.
Cases of monkeypox continue to rise in the country.

The monkey pox continues to advance rapidly in Peru and this last Saturday, the Ministry of Healthconfirmed that they are already 712 confirmed cases of this disease that continues to alarm the general population. He means that in just 24 hours, 36 new patients who tested positive for monkeypox were reported.

According to the Ministry of Health (Minsa), the cases are spread over 15 regions: Lima, Callao, Ica, La Libertad, Tacna, Loreto, Piura, Cusco, Áncash, Junín, Arequipa and Ucayali.

Through its Twitter account, the Minsa specifies that 600 cases were reported in Metropolitan Lima, 6 in Lima provinces, 47 in Callao, 3 in Ica, 32 in La Libertad, 3 in Loreto, 2 in Cajamarca, 5 in Arequipa. , 4 in Cusco, 2 in Áncash, 2 in Junín, 1 in Huánuco, 1 in Lambayeque, 1 in Ucayali, 1 in Tacna and 2 in Piura.

The Ministry of Health clarified that all patients receive assistance and that 260 people passed the monkey pox.

“The Ministry of Health reports that 278 people have been discharged for Monkeypox and 36 new cases have been detected and all are receiving medical assistance. Your contacts are being followed up. There are already 712 infected since he entered Peru”, reads the entity’s publication on Twitter.

The institution recommends that anyone who has a rash or skin lesion should call Line 113 option 6 or go to the nearest health facility.

The Ministry of Health reported that our country is negotiating the purchase of vaccines against the monkeypox virus along with other States that are members of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

“Peru has expressed its decision that the acquisition and distribution be carried out in an equitable manner among the countries and has welcomed the fact that it is carried out through the Revolving Fund as the most appropriate mechanism to ensure equal and supportive access to smallpox vaccines. simica”, indicates the Minsa in a statement.

The entity added that this purchase will take into account technical, regulatory, programmatic, legal and ethical aspects, as well as availability in the event of a vaccine shortage.

A group of world experts convened by the World Health Organization (WHO) have given new names to the variants of the virus of the monkey poxas part of the ongoing efforts to align and differentiate the changes that this disease has been presenting.

That is why scientists agreed to name the variants using Roman numerals. Thus they have reached consensus to now refer to the old Congo Basin (Central African) variant as one (I) and the old West African variant as two (II). In addition, it was agreed that Clade (variant) II consists of two subclades.

Thus, the new monkeypox naming convention comprises Clade I, Clade IIa, and Clade IIb, with the latter primarily referring to the group of variants circulating largely in the current (2022) global outbreak.

The doctor is holding a blood sample of monkeypox patient in his hand.  (Getty)
The doctor is holding a blood sample of monkeypox patient in his hand. (Getty)

“Current best practice is that newly identified viruses, related diseases, and virus variants should be given names with the goal of avoiding offending any cultural, social, national, regional, professional, or ethnic group, and minimizing any negative impact on trade, travel, tourism or animal welfare, ”says the WHO in a note.

The assignment of new names to existing diseases is the responsibility of the WHO under the International Classification of Diseases and the Family of Diseases. WHO International Health-Related Classifications (WHO-IFC). The WHO is conducting an open consultation for a new disease name for monkeypox.


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