‘La Gran Estrella’: Karen del Águila becomes the first eliminated from reality

‘La Gran Estrella’: Karen del Águila is the first eliminated from the program. (America TV)

‘The Big Star’ He had his first elimination. Karen of the Eaglesinger who sold his camera and microphone to travel to Lima and thus audition in the program of Gisela Valcarceldid not convince Serge Georgeso it was removed from talent show.

The young woman from the city of Pucallpa had been sentenced a week ago, so she had to face Karla Zapatawho had also remained in the chapel after not being present at the first gala for having contracted COVID-19.

For this reason, each one of them had a reinforcement on the night of cumbia, where Karen of the Eagle counted With the support of the Uchuluwhile the teacher from Piura was reinforced with the cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo.

Despite her effort, the pucallpina did not convince Serge George, the one in charge of eliminations. Finally she had to say goodbye to the program, but not before receiving a couple of surprises from the production of ‘The Big Star’.

Gisela Valcárcel invited the mother and grandmother of Karen of the Eagle to be present in the program. Likewise, he did not hesitate to give her a camera and microphone to continue with his personal projects.

At another time, the ‘Señito’ asked the parent of her participant if it was true that she spent the savings of her AFP to send his daughter to Lima, to which he affirmed that it was completely true. Upon learning of this, the television presenter gave her S / 2000 so that she could spend it on whatever she needed.

It is worth mentioning that the young singer belonged to the group led by Rubí Palomino, while Karla Zapata She is part of Yahaira Plasencia’s group. In addition, the teacher from Piura was chosen as the best of the day.

The Uchulú in the 'The Great Star'.  (America TV)
The Uchulú in the ‘The Great Star’. (America TV)

Gisela Valcarcel was also in charge of announcing which participants were sentenced, mentioning at first Karla Zapatacausing the teacher from Piura to be surprised, although she later corrected herself and pointed out that she was the one with the best score.

Finally, ‘Señito’ mentioned that those sentenced to this gala were Manuel Aumaitre and her partner in the duo, Nuria. One of them must leave the competition in the next program.


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