‘Esto es Bacán’: relive the premiere of Gian Piero Díaz’s new reality show with Rossana Fernández Maldonado here

This was the premiere of ‘Esto es Bacán’ by Willax Television. | surprise yourself

This Saturday, August 13, the new reality began ‘This is Bacan’. Its premiere caused a lot of expectations, since it was thought that it could be the new competition of ‘This is war’; however, from the outset its drivers Gian Piero Diaz Y Rossana Fernandez Maldonadomade it clear that it would be totally different.

The objective of this program is to bring social assistance to the most needy families, which is why the competitors came with the intention of supporting people with low economic resources.

The first surprise of the reality show was the inclusion of ‘Mister Peet’ as the narrator of the competitions, to which was added the presence of the ‘boss’ of ‘Combate’, the popular voiceover that on more than one occasion commanded respect within of the defunct ATV program.

After making the entry of the aforementioned characters official, he prepared to introduce the drivers, Gian Piero Diaz Y Rossana Fernandez Maldonadowho were in charge of welcoming the public.

Also, the popular ‘Pipi’ could not avoid joking with the idea that despite the fact that he resigned from ‘This is war’ so as not to host reality TV shows, he eventually returned to one.

On the other hand, both drivers pointed out that what they will do is totally different from what is seen on América Televisión, because they have a good cause. “The people who have come today are all cool (…) They come to compete for a good cause”, he expressed.

Gian Piero Díaz referred to the premiere of 'Esto es Bacán'.  (America)
Gian Piero Díaz referred to the premiere of ‘Esto es Bacán’. (America)

The first to be introduced was Zumba and, as expected, he surprised more than one with his dance steps. Likewise, she pointed out that when they called her for this project she did not hesitate to accept.

“When they told me we are going to recover the fun, the entertaining and above all the cool (…) We are going to help the people who need it most, I said: “We are going to be cool every Saturday“, said.

the next was Allison Pastor, a former member of EEG, who after overcoming her injury, is ready to return to competition. The next to come out was El ‘Chocolatito’, Alejandro Pino, another former figure of the América Televisión reality show.

An income that caused great surprise was that of andrea arana, presenter of ‘A day at the Mall’ of Willax Television. She also stated that when she was called she did not hesitate to accept it without knowing what exactly she would do.

the influencer Bryana Pastor He is also part of the Willax reality show. “I’m excited to be here (…) There are super moving stories that move my heart,” she said.

Michelle Soifer’s sister, Chris Soifer, returned to a reality show after several years. She maintained that she was quite happy to hear from the ‘boss’ again. the ex-combatant Duilio Vallebuona is another of the figures from ‘Esto es Bacán’.

Finally, from Mexico, Elijah Montalvo it was presented. The dancer stated that he could not physically be in the program for reasons of force majeure, but said that he hoped to be next week. “For reasons of force majeure I could not accompany them, but as soon as they summoned me I was very moved and how nice to be for a good cause”, he added.


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