Despite judge restrictions, Layda Sansores announced new audio by Alito Moreno: “It’s going to be great”

The governor of Campeche continues with her efforts to present the controversial audios of the PRI (photo: @LaydaSansores)
The governor of Campeche continues with her efforts to present the controversial audios of the PRI (photo: @LaydaSansores)

The Governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, announced through her social networks that despite everything, will continue to present audios of the president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas.

Since through their social networks, Layda Sansores He announced that next Tuesday, at 8:00 p.m., he will present, as usual, a new audio.

In this announcement, in addition, as a mockery, the governor imitated the Argentine accent due to the controversy that triggered her trip to the South American country earlier this month, which was made public after the broadcast of a video in which he was seen at the Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 terminal in Buenos Aires.

Similarly, he addressed the journalist directly. Joaquin Lopez-Doriga, who was mentioned in one of the Moreno Cárdenas audios.

“I know you want Jaguar Tuesday to arrive. New audio of Alito. Attention, che López-Dóriga, attention national media, it’s going to be great. It will be very simple, because with these nonsense of the judge, it has to be in my house. But I wait for you all, little kiss kids “

The announcement was made days after the Federal Court of the Sixteenth District in Administrative Matters in Mexico City order the definitive suspension against the dissemination of more audios against the legislator.

However, the governor of Campeche argued that the protection granted to Alito Moreno only refers to the fact that the audios cannot be presented through his program Jaguar Tuesday, but not on their social networks.

Since in the judge’s determination it is mentioned that despite everything, it did not mean “that the responsible authorities are prohibited from expressing their opinion in a strictly personal environment regarding the complainant for the character of a public figure that he holds […] without using the state communication platform or system for this purpose.”

Later, to reinforce the above, the flag bearer of the icing party alleged that she was being censored using a fragment of the song I say what I think of Calle 13 and that would continue to share the audios through their social networks.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

After the scandal of her trip to Argentina, the governor argued that she carried it out to “discuss a personal matter” although he did not delve into it. For this, she suspended her work at the head of the state for fifteen days and was replaced by the Secretary of Government.

Due to this absence, he had to postpone the broadcast of his controversial program, in addition to the fact that he had to carry out the preparation of his First Government Report, which also caused controversy.

Since the governor appeared in a video in which he could be seen dancing along with other attendees at his first report. What caused outrage among Internet users because they argued that he did not take his work seriously.

In addition to this, the National Electoral Institute (INE) resolved two draft precautionary measures against the brunette due to possible gender political violence against the deputies of the PRI caucus for the possession of intimate photos of the legislators.


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