Danna Paola wore a chullo, sings and records a video thanking Peru after finishing her concert

The Mexican Danna Paola She was very excited to arrive in Peru but above all because of the reception of the public. This Saturday, August 13, the singer was part of together for concertan event where they were also Mike Bahía, Molotov, Floor 21 and more.

Through your account Instagram, Danna Paola published a story where he thanked the Peruvians and sang his song ‘XT4S1S together with your teams. She and her classmates looked very excited about her chullos.

“We did it (We did it)”shouted the Mexican singer as she sang and her team danced. As you remember, ever since I set foot on Peruvian soil, at the Jorge Chávez airport, Danna Paola She has received the affection of her followers and she has not hesitated to express her joy, sing and even jump with them.

In the hotel, the interpreter of ‘Hey Pablo‘ met some fans who came to the venue to give him presents. With a big hug, Danna Paola He thanked them for the gesture.

The singer has been quite active on social networks, she also shared the videos that her fans posted about the concert. The young woman gave energy and talent in her performance, the one that left all the attendees who gathered to together in concert.

Danna Paola performed this Saturday August 13 at Together in Concert |  Instagram.
Danna Paola performed this Saturday August 13 at Together in Concert | Instagram.

Danna Paola is a 27-year-old actress, model, composer and singer, she has made her way into the artistic scene since she was very young, with the telenovela ‘Rayito de Luz’, in 2000, and her first leading role was with the production ‘Maria Belen’in 2001. Since then, he has not stopped acting.

He has won important awards as a singer, including 9 Kids Choice Awards4 MTV Millennial Awards4 MTV Italian Music Awards1 MTV Europe Music Awards and 2 prizes from the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico by ‘Hey Paul’ Y ‘Sodium’. She was also nominated for latin grammy for their sixth studio album KO in 2021.

Her internationalization as an actress was in 2018, when she moved to Spain to star in the Spanish series ‘Elite’of NetflixHis character ended up leaving a mark on the production that has broken records as one of the most watched series worldwide.


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