The fragile peace that was agreed in Together for Change after the climate of war that Elisa Carrió unleashed

The PRO leaders ended the controversy with Elisa Carrió
The PRO leaders ended the controversy with Elisa Carrió

The PRO closed in peace a week that threatened a war in Together for Change. Is that the explosive statements of Elisa Carrio they left nothing or no one standing in the opposition coalition. Now, after the decision of Mauricio Macri and his fellow supporters of give up the conflict, plus postponement of the meeting of the National PvC Table of next Tuesday to avoid more friction, the questions are installed again in the future: How will coexistence be from now on?

For now, it looks like good sign that the members of the national leadership of Together for Change have put a new date to see each other’s faces: it will be from Monday 22. Meanwhile, its members bet that Carrió will remain silent and thus the rest of the leadership will be able to dilute the poisonous effect of their accusations, from which something unprecedented happened: the former deputy from Chaco was left alone, barely with the support of unconditional members of the Civic Coalition (CC) such as the party leaders, Maximilian Ferraro, and the block of deputies, John Manuel Lopez who should make a face by their leader when they meet up with their PvC peers.

The lunch of the referents of the PRO, which was made this Friday, threatened with crosses and reproaches. In that obvious fight, although now underground, between his presidential candidates, Patricia Bullrich suspected that Horacio Rodriguez Larreta there was fired the controversial sayings of Carrió, who, curiously, involved her in a Double game with Serge Massa: criticize him in public and allow the deputy Gerard Milman, his right hand, kept stealthy contact with him.

The head of the PRO reacted with speed to condemn Carrió. He showed good reflexes and forced the rest of the leadership to pronounce on some accusations that, in reality, the founder of the Civic Coalition he had already aired without anyone having dared to reply to him, as it happened in the act to celebrate the 20 years of the party that took place last November in Open Door.

After a difficult week, the national leadership of Together for Change will meet in about 10 days
After a difficult week, the national leadership of Together for Change will meet in about 10 days

But, at the same time, the former Minister of Security found it suggestive that Carrió has left outside of his suspicions to Rodríguez Larreta, a confessed friend of Massa. However, the head of government is not only estranged of the current Minister of Economy, as they swear around him, but it was also another victim of the verbiage of the leader of the CC: not only because shook the opposition unitone of his obsessions, but because he attacked one of the key parts of his presidential project, which is the expansion of JxC through rapprochement with sectors of Peronism.

Larreta critical her ally Carrió after Bullrich, but left no room for doubt. “It is very healthy that there are internal discussions, but the limit is the grievances”, said. did the same Maria Eugenia Vidal friend of the founder of the CC, who, after two somewhat lukewarm tweets on the subject (the reproduction of the statement from the block of deputies of the PRO and a video in which she supports Christian Ritondo, his candidate for governor of Buenos Aires), advanced further. “I do not agree with the substance or the form of the statements made by”, he declared, and even said that “were not true” Carrió’s accusations against Ritondo. “I do not want four years of Argentina with Kirchnerism and I am not going to be a part or functional to no discussion that generates an opportunity for Kirchnerism, “he said.

At the PRO lunch, where the passage of “Hurricane Lilita” took 90% of the conversation time, there were all kinds of speculations about the reasons why Carrió muddied coalition leaders enrolled with both the “halcones” and the “pigeons”, from Bullrich, Milman, Ritondo and Gerardo Morales to Facundo Manes, Emilio Monzó and Rogelio Frigerio, even with damnable mentions of personal topics: “He is looking to position himself to negotiate better spaces of power and candidacies next year.” Nor does it seem like accurate reasoning: with her statements, the leader of the CC, lowered its shares among their coalition peers and there are even those who dream of a rearrangement of JxC that removes prominence (or excludes) Carrió’s strength.

Elisa Carrió ignited the controversy in Together for Change
Elisa Carrió ignited the controversy in Together for Change

How did Mauricio Macri play in these hours of opposition anxiety? In a strange way, to such an extent that there are leaders who make responsible of having been the promoter of Carrió’s accusations. They point out, in this sense, that the controversial declarations harmed to Rodríguez Larreta because they put Under Scrutiny relations with Massa and the aspiration to reach electoral agreements with sectors of the PJ and involved to Ritondo, rival of the larretista Diego Santilli for the Buenos Aires government, and Monzó, reluctant to join the armed of the head of government.

Much helped these speculations by the silence of the former president in the midst of the gale of rejections of Carrió’s attitude and the curious tweet of one of his main collaborators, Ferdinand de Andreis, who mentioned that Macri and he believe that it is necessary “take care that JxC is not contaminated with unclear relationships with the self-styled panperonism”, that is to say, the same position of the referent of the Civic Coalition, with a laundered mention that “In the very delicate situation in the country, some statements might not help.” “We believe that we must find ways to mark our differences without disqualifying third parties”, added, very moderate.

Carrió did not help much to placate the suspicions when he revealed that I had spoken with Macri and with Larreta before his incendiary statements. and she left him bad standing to the head of government: “There is a double discourse. They call you and apologize for making statements, “he revealed. I don’t understand. I ratify all the conversations because some even invited themselves to my house to eat a barbecue.

macri was the one who at the PRO lunch, when Ritondo stated that something had to be “done” to stop Carrió, ruled that It was enough with the position expressed by Bullrich and supported by the party leadership, and that is why it was necessary to put an end to the controversy in JxC.

One of Mauricio Macri’s “prophecies” of 2019, according to the social media campaign of his adherents

For some lunch attendees, striking it turned out how different leaders of the PRO gave explanations on the subject to Macri, acknowledging its role as leader of the space. It is not new. The centrality of the former president in the ranks of his group and the opposition continues to strengthen even despite his baffling attitude towards Carrió’s accusations.

Nothing is accidental. From the environment of the former president, a campaign of PRO leaders was launched this Friday on social networks to remember Macri’s “prophecies” 3 years after the defeat in the PASO of 2019, with a series of tweets that spread snippets of the press conference he gave the next morning. “It is tremendous what can happen. I always told you, we can’t go back to the past because the world sees that as the end of Argentina.” said that day, in a speech criticized even from the PRO by leaders who preferred a reaction moderate.

To justify his vindication campaign, the former president pointed out to his intimates: “Everyone attacked me for what I said at the conference after PASO. They even forced me to apologize. Three years later, everything he had said happened.” With such a capacity for anticipation, the silence of the “prophet” Macri about Carrió’s stumble: Is he seeing something in the future that caused him to shut up in the face of the episode that endangers the unit of PvC?

There is another question that this leader with similar skills could answer: Can the brand new opposition peace be maintained or is it just the preamble to another chapter of its endless internal life? “A doctor there”, Raúl Alfonsín asked in his acts when someone from the public became unbalanced. Now, before a doctor or a prophet, perhaps Together for Change needs a magician to teach him some effective trick to maintain the illusion of reaching 2023 without breaking.


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