Son of Paula Andrea Betancourt declared himself openly homosexual: “As a child you were not noticed”

Photo: Instagram @mateo4582
Photo: Instagram @mateo4582

Paula Andrea Betancur is one of the most recognized models in the country, thanks to the fact that she was crowned Miss Colombia in 1992 and, after representing his homeland in Miss Universe 1993took second place and was titled as universal viceroy. In addition, he also had a stint on national television as part of the ‘Challenge: the adventure‘, a Caracol Television contest in which was the winner in 2004.

However, far from all the work for which she has stood out, the name of the 50-year-old woman from Antioquia has been the headline of various media after Matthew Villegasone of the three children she had with her ex-husband Juan Carlos, will tell through her social networks that she is homosexual.

It was through a short video published on the Tiktok platform that the young man revealed said information and, in addition, confirmed that he kept his sexual orientation hidden, which is why his mother never noticed it. Similarly, she took the opportunity to share several photographs of his childhood.

For now, no further details are known about how Mateo told Paula Andrea Betancur that he is gay. Which is why fans hope that he will soon make another post on social media to talk about the day he “came out” and report how his mother and father took him.

It should be remembered that just a few weeks ago, Villegas Betancur graduated as a zootechnical veterinary doctor from the CES University of Medellín and this achievement was a source of pride for his mother, who shared an emotional message on her Instagram account with which she realized the great love she feels for him.

“Today you finish the first stage of your life, a stage that with successes (many) and errors (few) that have formed and delimited your character, have founded the principles that will make you a good man. You are the owner of your destiny and future. I am aware that your wings will open and at some point you will want to fly alone, but you must remember that I will always be here to give you support, advice and encouragement for what you want to achieve.. And never forget to be happy, that everything you do today, tomorrow and always, makes you feel happy; but not the false, ephemeral and momentary happiness, I speak of the happiness that comes from the bottom of the heart when we do and enjoy the things of life because we know that it is based on the values ​​and principles that we were taught at home”, were some of the words that the Medellin native dedicated to Mateo Villegas.

Photo: Instagram @mateo4582
Photo: Instagram @mateo4582

In addition, in the rest of her publication, Paula Andrea Betancur invited her son to be an “inveterate dreamer”, because that will be the way in which day by day he manages to visualize his future goals. However, she also warned him that he must respect his principles so that when he reaches the goal he feels fulfilled.

“Take Charge of your life, future and happiness, they are in your hands, they depend solely and exclusively on you. Respect yourself, respect your values, respect differences with others and others. You will not always agree with everything and everyone. Persevere, never give up, the key is to insist, persist, resist and never give up. These are rules of life that will be very useful for you who are just starting out, ”she concluded.

Paula Andrea Betancur and her son Mateo when he was a baby |  Photo: Instagram @mateo4582
Paula Andrea Betancur and her son Mateo when he was a baby | Photo: Instagram @mateo4582


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