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Rushdie fights for his life as his attacker faces murder charges

New York (EFA). – The writer Salman Rushdie, with assisted breathing and very serious injuries, is fighting for his life after being stabbed on Friday in the state of New York 33 years after being sentenced to death by the Iranian regime, while his alleged aggressor, detained without right to bail, he faces charges of attempted murder. The attention of the world, and in particular the literary world, is focused on how the health of the author of the novel “Satanic Verses” develops, for which he received a fatwa in 1989 of the Islamic regime in Iran, which put a price on his head for considering that novel an insult to the Koran, Mohammed and the Islamic faith.


The investigation into Trump further polarizes the US in an election year

Washington. The open investigation into former US President Donald Trump for taking classified documents from the White House has further polarized US politics with less than three months to go before key midterm elections. The vice president of the country, Kamala Harris, described this Saturday as “dangerous” and “irresponsible” the position of the Republicans, who have denounced a political persecution behind the search carried out by the FBI last Monday at Trump’s mansion in Florida.


Fierce fighting in Donetsk as attacks on Zaporizhia plant resume

Moscow/Lviv. Russia claimed victory this Saturday in the Ukrainian town of Pesky, in the eastern Donetsk region, which was denied by the kyiv military command, which reported “fierce fighting” in the area, while fears for security persist. of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. “As a result of offensive actions by allied troops, the settlement of Pesky in the Donetsk People’s Republic was completely liberated,” Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov said. The Ukrainian military rejected the Russian version and assured that the “aggressor tries to break” its defense line in the direction of Pesky, but that “fierce fighting” continues there and in nearby towns.


Taliban shoot out a women’s demonstration in Afghanistan

Kabul. The Taliban dispersed this Saturday with shots a demonstration of Afghan women who demanded their rights to education and work, almost a year after the arrival on August 15, 2021 of the fundamentalists to power. “We protested today to raise our voices against the Taliban, but after we arrived they started to open fire to separate the members of the demonstration and now we are hiding in a pharmacy,” said one of the activists in a video shared on social networks. .


The Peruvian Army seriously wounds the leader of remnants of Sendero

Lime. The Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Peru (CCFFAA) reported this Saturday that Víctor Quispe Palomino (“Comrade José”), the only leader of the last remnant of the terrorist group of the Maoist Shining Path, was “seriously wounded” in an action offensive in the Valley of the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers (Vraem). The military operation began last Thursday in the Vizcatán region, the “hard zone” of the Vraem, where a dissident faction of Sendero is still active which, after the death in January 2021 of Jorge Quispe Palomino (“Comrade Raúl”) , headed by his brother “José”.


The Argentine Justice rejects the challenge of Cristina Fernández to judge and prosecutors

Buenos Aires. The Justice rejected the recusal of the Argentine vice president, Cristina Fernández, against two prosecutors and a member of the oral court that judges her for possible irregularities in the award of public works, known as the “Road cause”, when she was president between 2007 and 2015. “The personal ties that are intended to be built between the three challenged public officials with members of the political party opposed to those accused here is, clearly, lacking in evidence that allows it to be validated and granted the legal effects that are intended,” the judges pointed out. Jorge Gorini and Andrés Basso in their 19-page resolution to which Efe had access.


Odinga still leads Kenya’s vote count, but with a small lead

Nairobi. The vote gap between Kenya’s two main presidential candidates narrows on Saturday as electoral counting progresses, with Vice President William Ruto just five percentage points behind former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who is leading the race. Four days after the polls were held, the Kenya Electoral Commission (IEBC) has only been able to verify around 4.6 million votes from around 35% of the country’s constituencies.


Emirates releases Khashoggi’s ex-lawyer after payment of a million dollar fine

Cairo. The authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) released this Saturday Asim Ghafoor, ex-lawyer of the Saudi journalist and dissident murdered in 2018 Jamal Khashoggi, after paying a fine of about 1.36 million dollars, reported the Gulf Center for Human Rights. Human Rights (GCHR). The NGO said in a statement that Ghafoor was released after an Emirati court overturned his three-year prison sentence for tax evasion and money laundering, and fined him about 5 million dirhams (about 1.36 millions of dollars).


New Evidence Suggests Howard Carter Stole Treasures From Tutankhamun

London. Rumors that British archaeologist Howard Carter removed treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb have survived the hundred years since the discovery and have now resurfaced with the publication of a letter that seems to confirm the accusation. The British newspaper “The Observer” released this Saturday fragments of a letter written in 1934 by the academic Alan Gardiner, one of the members of Carter’s team who helped him translate the hieroglyphs of the 3,300-year-old tomb, in which He blames him for rewarding him with an object “undoubtedly stolen from the tomb”. EFE


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