Samuel Suárez and Janet Barboza fight: the driver takes the help he gave her when he was on the verge of death

Samu from Instarándula fights with Janet Barboza because she called her a ‘scavenger’ and a ‘scoundrel’ | instarantula

The journalist and creator of ‘Instarándula’, Samuel Suarez, told in his program the discomfort and annoyance caused by the audios that Janet Barboza She sent him after he criticized her for not recognizing that the guideline of her program is based on the information and ampays that she releases Magaly Medina in your night space.

“Before starting any topic of entertainment and entertainment, I want to clarify a fact that happened to me last night with Mrs. Janet Barboza. Here (Instarándula) I say what I think, around here I make fun of everything and we even clarify some issues and yesterday those who could see, gave an opinion on these words that he said Janet about Mrs. Magaly Medinato whom he said ‘petty’, ‘huachafa’ and so many things”, said the popular ‘Samu’ in his Instagram stories

Somewhat dazed by the situation, the journalist of shows added that the Barboza his number was obtained to send him some voice messages for the reference he made about her in his Instagram space. “I didn’t have her number on record, but she got my phone supposedly to make his clarification to me and I told him that ‘if it is because of what I thought yesterday, as I told him things and it is what I think and think’”.

Samu He maintained that the audios that the TV host sent him there is a clear threat to their freedom of expression and that he told him that “I’m going to take the appropriate measures, I’m going to see what I do with it, because I can’t believe it. What I have done is read an article and based on that I have called you to tell me if what you said is true”.

Samuel Suárez and his beginnings on digital platforms.  (Photo: Instagram)
Samuel Suárez and his beginnings on digital platforms. (Photo: Instagram)

“Then you are corroborating me and you are accepting that indeed what came out in the press is what you have said. You have called me a scavenger and I am ashamed. I just wanted to corroborate that and I’ll see what I do with that information ”, the popular is heard saying ‘rolls’.

That is a threat of lawsuit, even if later he wanted to give me another speech… I am very clear about this modus operandi in entertainment, this little girl who gets your WhatsApp number to get me this type of clarification, “said the creator of instarandula.

Samualso invited Janet Barboza to review the videos on TikTok, “but no, she wanted me to say it.”

“I find it disrespectful that you write to me without first having seen how I said it, what I said, why I said it and in what context. If it is related to the environment, I was referring to the program, ”he said annoyed.

In other Instagram stories, Samu unveiled the audios that Barboza sent himwho blamed him for the help he gave him four years ago, when he suffered a terrible illness that led him to be in a coma for many days and to be on the verge of death.

This situation further annoyed Samuel and described what was said by the TV host as baseness.

“I said let’s call Samuel, who at some point in their life they had a difficult time, they turned to me for support, because it was a moment that you needed, but I was very surprised to read those words that the newspaper puts as if they had come from your mouth, “he says Janet.

Janet Barboza points out the help she gave to Samuel Suárez when he was in a coma | instarandula

“I don’t think, Janet, that you have to remind me of the hard time I went through and tell me how much money you gave in those moments, it seems to me to be low,” Samu replied.

It seems to me a huge low, I thank all the people who, when I was about to die in the ICU four years ago, made a collection to save my life…, but that does not mean that I have to spend my whole life with the T-shirt. I am here to give an opinion, give a point of view and say what I think clearly. I find it contradictory that I have to remember at this time that she gave money to save my life, It seemed to me that it was not necessary to do so. May it be the last time you write to me on WhatsApp, ”she asserted.

“That’s it, Mrs. Janet, take the measures you want to do to say what I said,” he concluded.


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