Rossana Fernández Maldonado defends ‘Esto es Bacán’ from ‘Esto es Guerra’: “They will be surprised”

Rossana Fernández Maldonado excited for the premiere of ‘Esto es Bacán’. | Infobae

On the verge of the premiere of ‘This is Bacan’, Rossana Fernandez Maldonado talked with Infobae and told what expectations he has about this new project that he is going to launch Willax Television.

The actress made it clear that she has no experience conducting reality TV shows, but fortunately she will have at her side Gian Piero Diazwho handles this type of format perfectly, having been at the head of ‘Combat’ Y ‘This is war’.

About making a possible competition to the reality show on América Televisión, Rossana Fernandez Maldonado He pointed out that they do not intend to copy what EEG does, so its format will be totally different and will surprise more than one.

In addition, as I had already clarified on a previous occasion Gian Piero Diazthe new Willax Television production does not have the budget or the infrastructure to hold high-level competitions.

– Is it the new ‘This is War’ competition or the new ‘Combat’?

It’s not exactly the same. At Willax they have supported us a lot with the ‘Surprise yourself’ format, where we always seek to entertain but also help. In fact, Piero and I are on that wavelength, so the boys who are participating in ‘Esto es Bacán’ really want to help, so I think they will be very surprised.

– It would be the first time you participate in a reality show…

Yeah, well, when I was on ATV hosting ‘Hello Everyone,’ I’ve sometimes filled in for Gian Piero or Renzo when they missed ‘Combate,’ but I’ve never hosted a show that’s exclusive to reality.

This is Bacán: Members, release date, time and everything about Willax’s new reality show. (WillaxTV)

– Is it a more social reality?

I can’t tell you anything in advance, starting because ‘Esto es Guerra’ and ‘Combate’ were a daily format and this is a Saturday format, so it’s something else. Also, Gian Piero has experience in reality shows but I don’t.

– What are the expectations?

The idea is that many people see it.

– Johanna San Miguel made fun of ‘This is Bacán’…

I have not seen the truth, I do not know nor have I found out.

Rossana Fernández Maldonado with Gian Piero Díaz.  (instagram)
Rossana Fernández Maldonado with Gian Piero Díaz. (instagram)

Rossana Fernandez Maldonado gave these statements at the avant premiere of Mothers: The Musical, which will be from August 13 to September 10 at the Municipal Theater

‘Esto es Bacán’ premieres this Saturday, August 13 on the screens of Willax Televisión and will be part of ‘Sorpréndete’, a program that is hosted by Gian Piero Diaz Y Rossana Fernandez Maldonado that brings social aid to those most in need.

After announcing that a new reality show will land on Peruvian television, the expectations that were generated were high, especially since many will see former competitors who had moved away from this type of format.

According to the promotion they sent, ‘This is Bacan’ It will start at 7:00 p.m. and at the beginning there will be more than one surprise, so its followers are asked to be very attentive.


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