Quiet victory for San Francisco by 5 to 0 against Herrera

San Francisco achieved a good victory at home against Herrera (5-0), in the duel played for date 5 of Panama – Clausura 2022. Keny Bonilla (10′ 1T), Carlos Navas (28′ 2T), Jorge Clement (32 ‘ 2T), William Bartholdy (37′ 2T) and Martín Ruíz (48’ 2T) were the authors of the overwhelming victory of the local team.

Martín Ruíz had a great performance. The San Francisco defender was important by converting 1 goal.

William Bartholdy also performed well. The San Francisco midfielder scored 1 goal.

There were 3 cautioned in the game: Misael Acosta, Wesley Cabrera and William Bartholdy.

San Francisco manager Gonzalo Soto presented a 4-3-3 tactical setup with Xavier Cruz in goal; Jean Carlos Sánchez, Jesús Araya, Martín Ruíz and Aimar Rodríguez in the defensive line; Francisco Bethancourt, Wesley Cabrera and Misael Acosta in the middle; and Keny Bonilla, Jorge Clement and Aarón Lowis in attack.

For its part, Emmanuel Calleja’s team came out with a 4-3-3 tactical arrangement with Vuko Vujovic under the three sticks; Santiago Cedeño, Alberto García, Carlos Escobar and Rolando Rodríguez in defense; Leonel Triana, César Reyna and Juan González in midfield; and Ronnie Villarreal, Alanzo Edwards and Ansony Frías up front.

Raul Rodríguez was the referee chosen for the match at the Estadio Agustín Muquita Sánchez stadium.

On the next date, San Francisco will visit Arabe Unido and Herrera will play as a visitor against Tauro.

In this way, the local is in eighth place in the championship with 4 points, while the visit, with 2, is in eleventh place.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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