Protesters showed their support for the Nation’s prosecutor at the headquarters of the Public Ministry

A group of demonstrators showed their support for the National Prosecutor. Video: Twitter

Several Peruvian groups, mainly from the right, were present outside the headquarters of the Public ministry to show your support for the Nation’s prosecutor, Patricia Benavidezwhich has six pending investigations against the president peter castle for alleged crime against public tranquility, promotions in the Armed Forces, influence peddling in Petroperú, alleged plagiarism of his thesis, Puente Tarata III case and for the alleged crime of personal concealment.

With cries of support for the head of the Public ministry and carrying some banners against the head of state, a large group of protesters took Abancay Avenue to make their claims heard.

“The people are with you, prosecutor of the Nation, the people are with you”were some harangues that were heard in the demonstrators who came to the doors of the prosecution.

A group of protesters came to the Public Ministry to show their support for the Nation's prosecutor, Patricia Benavides.
A group of protesters came to the Public Ministry to show their support for the Nation’s prosecutor, Patricia Benavides.

Patricia Benavidezwho took office on July 1, had indicated that he feared for the safety of his family due to the investigations he is making of the highest authority of the Peru because he had detected a drone flying over his home suspiciously. Thus, he considered that before being the head of the Prosecutor’s Office is also a mother of a familyso he was taking the necessary precautions.

“In my position as National Prosecutor I am not afraid to exercise my function, but I am concerned about the safety of my family. In addition to being an authority, I am a mother of a family. In recent weeks, the integrity of my home was interrupted by a drone in my home. An obvious smear campaign has been taking place against me. We have been investigating an alleged criminal organization, when criminal organizations are investigated there are always issues of obstruction in the investigations”he stated.

Patricia Benavidez answered to President Pedro Castillowho argued that it was a media show at the Government Palace when the prosecution assisted in arresting his sister-in-law Yenifer Paredes, which was not found and was later handed over to the authorities. The head of state said that there was a collusion between the Public Ministry, a part of Congress and a sector of the press to destabilize his government.

“From here he firmly rejected the affirmations and insinuations that the Public ministry It is part of a supposed political plan. We are not for or against anyone”, said the prosecutor of the Nation in a video.

Patricia Benavides speaks out after accusations by Pedro Castillo.

In addition, the lawyer asked the political authorities to respect the autonomy of the Prosecutor’s Office: “Since the beginning of my administration, we have firmly assumed compliance with the constitutional mandate to prosecute crime whoever falls and despite whoever weighs it. The fiscal function demands order and speed in the investigations. That has been the basis of each of my decisions and actions carried out”.

Patricia Benavidez expressed that all the prosecutors under his command are respectful of the Constitution and, above all, that “We are all equal before the law”so that each investigation , requirement and dispositions are based on evidence

Finally, the prosecutor mentioned that she knows that, because she is investigating high-ranking officials, they could attack the “institution, myself and my family who only seek to dent or hinder tax investigations.”


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