Melissa Paredes: Complaint for psychological violence against Rodrigo Cuba’s mother was rejected by the judge

Melissa Paredes: Complaint for psychological violence against Rodrigo Cuba’s mother was rejected by the judge. | Willax Tv

Melissa Paredes a few weeks ago he denounced the mother of Rodrigo Cuba, Ysmena Piedra, for psychological violence. The model pointed out that her ex-mother-in-law did not allow her to have any communication with her daughter, who is currently living with her maternal grandmother while the investigations against her and the soccer player continue.

According to a document to which the program had access ‘Love and Fire’the Eighth Family Court decided not to order protection measures in favor of the minor against the mother of ‘Gato’ Cuba after the accusations made by the model, where she indicated that the minor had been psychologically affected.

After an investigation, the Power of attorney determined that there was no type of psychological violence, but a family conflict between Melissa Paredes and the mother of Rodrigo Cubaso finally the minor will still be in charge of her maternal grandmother.

Likewise, the judge asked both parents to make calls or video calls to the little girl, prior coordination with Ysmena Stonetaking into account that the girl goes to school, has a schedule of recreation, food and rest.

As recalled, Ysmena Piedra responded to the complaint that Melissa Paredes did against her, assuring that the model disturbed her and her granddaughter’s peace of mind by repeatedly calling to talk to her, in addition to other maternal relatives of the minor also harassing her with calls.

In this way, the complaint for psychological violence that the former television host made against her former mother-in-law is archived. At the moment it is unknown what happened to the other complaint that she made against Jorge Cuba, father of her ex-husband, accusing him of having insulted her when she was at her house.

Ysmena Piedra defended herself against the complaint of psychological violence filed by Melissa Paredes. Rodrigo Cuba’s mother explained why she does not answer her calls.

In the last few hours it transpired that a judge would have rejected the request for Melissa Paredes for her daughter to go to a shelter. The information was released by the El Popular newspaper and denied by his lawyer in an interview with the Trome newspaper.

It is false that my sponsored has made a request to transfer her youngest daughter to a shelter. In this sense, I urge the media to disseminate true and verified information and thus not generate more misinformation in the population”, he specified.

For this reason, the little girl will continue to live under the care of her maternal grandmother while the investigations against both parents are ongoing. It is estimated that Melissa Paredes Y Rodrigo Cuba They will be able to meet with their daughter in September, when the process they opened against her ends.


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