Mayor of Tijuana asked organized crime to “collect bills from those who did not pay them” after violent acts

The reactions from the government of Baja California and specifically from the mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramirezhave been singled out due to the discursive clumsiness with which they have addressed the recent acts of violence and insecurity that occurred this Friday, August 12, and early Saturday, August 13. According to the authorities, only in the capital city were there 12 facts between blockades, burning of vehicles and commercial premises.

It was on Friday night that the official championed by the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and the so-called Fourth Transformationgave a message to his governed to ask for calm and directly accused the drug cartels to be responsible. In the same vein, asked organized crime make your collections and invoices to whom it corresponds.

“We are not going to allow a single Tijuana citizen to pay the consequences of those who they didn’t pay their bills. We tell organized crime, who is committing these crimes, that Tijuana is going to remain active, taking care of citizens and also we ask you to collect the bills from those who did not pay what they are owednot to families, not to working citizens,” said the mayor, who has been in office since October 2021.

Montserrat Caballero, mayor of Tijuana.  Photo: Tijuana City Hall.
Montserrat Caballero, mayor of Tijuana. Photo: Tijuana City Hall.

Social network users, academics, journalists, and of course, politicians they reacted before the words of Caballero Ramírez. One of the most relevant figures who resumed the action was the former candidate for the presidency in 2018 Margaret Zavalawho in a brief message launched: “The surrender of the Mexican authority against organized crime.

Other actors, such as former federal deputy Fernando Belauzarán, directly pointed out the political affinities in the occurrence of violence in the demarcation. “The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, asks the criminals who unhinged that city to limit themselves to collecting the right of flat from those who owe it to them. It’s not a joke and the video is not edited. That explains so many things. Sure, it’s from the Morena party, ”he commented.

On a more analytical level, the academic Claudio Lomnitz-Adler accused: “A video is circulating where the mayor of Tijuana asks organized crime to only collect “bills” from those who owe them. A mayor, flanked by the army, publicly legitimizing economic activity and the use of coercion by the organized crime”.

Vehicles burned during violent events in Tijuana, Baja California.  Photo: REUTERS/Jorge Duenes
Vehicles burned during violent events in Tijuana, Baja California. Photo: REUTERS/Jorge Duenes

At the state level, the governor Marina del Pilar Nor has he been spared criticism due to his administration in what happened. Although the incidence of crime and violence are not unrelated to the entity, the events that occurred this Friday They have taken on a special relevance due to the way in which they occurred. Given this, the official has made use of her personal social networks to report the details, in actions that were criticized by users.

Among multiple accusations, the comments revolve around the alleged inaction of the official to safeguard the safety of Baja Californians and the photos with which she accompanies the informative messages, which have her as the main focus. As of the incidents such as the burning of cars and commercial premises (from Friday, August 12, and until noon on Saturday, August 13), del Pilar has made various publications, in which they add four portraits and a video with her as the protagonist.

Save everything! @MarinadelPilar is out to take the photo of the dayso that everything stays the same. Ask for a license from the Marina position, someone with the ability to govern is needed and not to have a social life at the expense of the tranquility of the citizens”, reads the comment of the user @ lvnguylkn2u on Twiiter. Many of the comments follow that tone of speech.


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