They accuse a Puerto Rico police officer of presenting false covid-19 tests

San Juan, 12 Aug. Judge Wilfredo Viera, of the Court of the Puerto Rican municipality of Carolina, found this Friday cause for the arrest of agent Iván Molina Casiano, accused of presenting false covid-19 test results to his supervisors.

The Puerto Rico Department of Justice filed 12 charges of possession and transfer of falsified documents against the agent, who decided to commit this fraud to continue working in person without complying with the vaccination requirement established with the pandemic.

The magistrate imposed a $12,000 bail on the police officer, which was deferred through the Pre-Trial Services Program, according to the Justice statement.

Molina Casiano could face a prison sentence for a fixed term of three years for each charge.

The agent, assigned to the Police Security and Protection Division in Carolina, determined not to be vaccinated for religious reasons and, according to the regulations, to continue working in person, he had to submit a negative covid-19 test every week.

From August 2021 to February of this year, Molina Casiano gave his supervisor more than 20 pieces of evidence, of which at least 12 were false.

“An agent or official must not only comply with the law but also set an example of honesty and ethics. We are sure that the majority meet this standard of integrity. The Department of Justice will take care of those who deviate,” said the Secretary of Justice. , Domingo Emanuelli Hernandez.

For his part, the commissioner of the Police Bureau, Antonio López Figueroa, thanked the Departments of Health and Justice “for the diligence with which they acted to process this case.”

“If this fact is proven, we are well aware that compliance with the law begins at home and that is why we do not tolerate conduct contrary to our legal system,” he stressed in a written statement. EFE


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