Push and scare in La Plata: the blow suffered by Pablo PIatti in the duel between Estudiantes and Athletico Paranaense

The terrible blow of Pablo Piatti against the cement after the push of Pedro Henrique

The hearts of all froze in the match between Estudiantes and Athletico Paranaense for the second leg of the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals in the UNO Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium. It was for an act of Peter Henrique against Paul Piati that could have ended in tragedy.

At 30 minutes, the Brazilian defender pushed him behind the wheel of Pincha, which ended up against the lower wall of one of the stands. Piatti struck and then turned upside down, which made the situation more spectacular.

Fortunately, the Estudiantes player hit with his back and not with his head, something that could have generated more serious consequences. However, he suffered a strong blow due to the speed he was coming from and the impact was worse after the push.

Immediately the midfielder got up and looked for Henrique, who was already cautioned and the judge should have expelled him because of the danger he had against the opponent. Piatti’s teammates criticized the Uruguayan referee Andres Matontewho did not take any action and the Brazilian player was saved from red.

In the second half there was more controversy when at 63 minutes came the great controversy that was the disallowed goal against Estudiantes. The corner kick came and after a header that hit the post by Luciano Lollo touched it, but it was annulled by an alleged advanced position by Jorge Morel, who did not intervene in the play, but the judge understood that he obstructed the goalkeeper. The referee received the call from the VAR, reviewed it and then ratified his decision.

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It was a friction match in which Estudiantes made the expense and deserved the victory, but could not convert. The Brazilians closed well behind and tried with some against. The minutes passed and the feeling was that the meeting was going to be defined from the twelve steps.

However, when it seemed that the match was going to be defined from the twelve steps, in the fifth additional minute the goal came from the Brazilians after a center that connected Victor Roqueplay that was reviewed by the VAR and in the repetitions it was not clear if he touched it with his hand or with his head.

It was a close series that was known to be defined by details and that happened in La Plata which meant a hard blow for the team led by Ricardo Zielinskywho before reaching the group stage played the previous two instances and had four more games than the rest.

There was a lot of expectation to be able to continue in the Copa Libertadores and in the run-up to the match against Paranaense he was presented Jose Sosaa benchmark for the club that emerged from the Inferiores and was champion in the 2006 Opening Tournament.

Now the León must focus on adding the most points in the Professional League where it is far from the fight for the title, but has a chance of being able to qualify for the next edition of the Libertadores by the annual table. At this moment, Estudiantes is sixth with 41 points and is 6 behind River Plate, which is the third, which for now is occupying the third and last place that the classification grants.


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