Pedro Castillo accuses the opposition: “since they don’t have the evidence, they have gone to great lengths to create it”

The Ombudsman's Office assures that the principle of collaboration that is required of all State institutions is not being complied with.  (Andean)
The Ombudsman’s Office assures that the principle of collaboration that is required of all State institutions is not being complied with. (Andean)

The president of the Republic, peter castlecontinues to deny being part of a criminal organization and having participated in various crimes for which the Public ministry he investigates it. Last Thursday, August 11, the president ruled that a sector that opposes his government has created evidence to incriminate him.

The latest statements by the head of state were made during the second meeting that he held together with other ministers of state and with leaders of regional social bases at the Government Palace. In that sense, he emphasized that the only accounts that he has to give is before the people, thus ignoring the investigative work of the Prosecutor’s Office.

“Today before the Peruvian people and in the face of so many accusations that are made, since they do not have the evidence, they have gone to great lengths to create it, since they do not have the evidence, they want to build it. They want to make the country see that I have other accounts, here the only accounts I have to give are to the Peruvian people with work and loyalty, with honesty and transparency,” he said.

Next, Castle Lumps He questioned that “with what morality to a man of the people, to whom they do not find any evidence, they want to give him signs of transparency, of honesty, of a fight against corruption. Every thief thinks that we are of the same condition as him, ”he mentioned.

The president also indicated that he does not have a car of the year, nor second class because he is “used to walking alongside the people”, thus defending himself against the accusations against him.

“I do not have any account, only that account that I have as a teacher, it is the same, which we continue to live from that account at this time,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that the Nation’s prosecutor, Liz Patricia Benavides Vargas, ordered yesterday to initiate a preliminary investigation against Castillo Terrones for the alleged crime of criminal organization. This is the fourth process by a criminal organization and the sixth investigation against the president, since he is already facing other criminal proceedings for alleged criminal actions carried out during his one-year term.

This new investigation also reaches the Minister of Transport and Communications, Geiner Alvarado. The investigation refers to the works awarded in Cajatambo (Lima) and Chota (Cajamarca).

As recalled, the municipalities of these provinces awarded the projects to JJM Espino Engineering and Construction SAC, company that won a contract with the Provincial Municipality of Cajatambo for more than S/3,800,000 last October. Also to DESTCON Engineers & Architects SAC, which obtained a tender with the Municipality of Anguía for more than three million soles last December.

Both companies are Hugo and Anggi Espino Lucana, who are friends Yenifer Paredes, sister of the first lady Lilia Paredes and sister-in-law of the head of state.

The president is indicated in the thesis of the Public ministry of being head of a criminal network that would have been installed in the highest positions of the Executive to place people of his confidence in key positions after starting his main modality: fraudulent public tenders.

“In the present case, some companies were instrumentalized to obtain the public works award for huge sums of money, despite not having the requirements required by law in order to obtain it, but, nevertheless, when have control over appointments and the state apparatusthese were addressed in order to favor those processes in which the members had an interest in the same, previously conceived for that purpose, winning”, it is indicated.

The Public Ministry also suspects that the president Castle had as a lieutenant the current Minister of Transport and Communications, Geiner Alvarado, and the mayor of Anguía, José Neil Medina, who would have had “links with those under investigation, having met with Jose Nenil Medina Guerrero and Hugo Espino Lucano, to subsequently be beneficiaries of the award of various works promoted and financed by said portfolio; however, since this Prosecutor’s Office is not competent to hear these facts that are the subject of investigation, since they are high-ranking State officials, as established in art. 99 of the Political Constitution of Peru, must be brought to the attention of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation, for its knowledge and proceed according to its powers, “reads the resolution.

Likewise, the role of figureheads fell to the brothers of the first lady Lilia Paredes: Walter and David Paredes Navarro. Precisely, both are also involved as a result of a report from the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) about some deposits they made.


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