Opening value of the dollar in Peru this August 12 from USD to PEN

After the stock market opening American dollar quoted at the beginning of the day 3.86 soles on averageso that it implied a change of 0.51% with respect to the price of the previous day, when it stood at 3.88 soles on average.

If we consider the data of the last seven days, the American dollar notes a decrease in 1% and in year-on-year terms it still accumulates a decrease of 2.84%. Analyzing this data with that of previous days, it chains two consecutive dates in negative digits. In reference to the volatility of the last week, it is 19.11%, which is a figure slightly higher than the annual volatility figure (18.2%), so that it presents greater variations than the general trend of the value.

peruvian sol

The sol is the legal tender in Peru. since 1991 and replaced the inti, which circulated between 1985 and 1991, at first it was also called “new sun” to differentiate it from its predecessor, but for the year 2015 it is only called sun.

The emergence of the new sun is understood after the global crisis of 1929, which led to a deep economic and exchange crisis to the country, as well as the creation of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru. It was during the first year of Alberto Fujimori’s government that the new sun was promoted to balance hyperinflation and reorder the economy.

After it came into force, one sol was equivalent to one million intis or one billion “old” soles; today the currency is divided into 100 cents and its issuance is regulated by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru.

Currently circulating coins of 10, 20, 50 cents, 1, 2 and 5 soles and bills of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 soles. Before, 1-cent coins were also minted, but these were withdrawn from circulation in May 2011, while in January 2019 the 5-cent coins went out of circulation.

On the other hand, the exchange parity with respect to the dollar and the euro is set daily by the agency in charge. It should be noted that since 2014 the peruvian currency is depreciating.

In the economic branch, the World Bank (WB) has predicted that for this 2022 Peru will have a growth of only 3.2% after in 2021 it had a rebound of 13%. Likewise, by 2023 it would slow down, growing only 3 percent.

However, experts have assured that Peru could experience a deterioration in business confidence due to the uncertainty that is lived in the politics and the fiscal rules that are intended to be carried out.

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