Jamila Dahabreh and her reaction to the ampay of Álvaro Paz de la Barra and Andrea Cifuentes: “I don’t know what she does with her life”

She is no longer interested in Álvaro Paz de la Barra. Jamila Dahabreh made an official statement upon learning of the burgomaster’s ampay. | Magaly Tv: The Firm

no longer interested in Alvaro Paz de la Barra. Jamila Dahabreh was pronounced officially after learning that the mayor of La Molina would have found love in the arms of the model Andrea Cifuentesthis after capturing them quite affectionate in a nightclub in Lima.

After ‘Magaly Tv: The Firm’ made her new ampay known, the host of the program pointed out that a person close to the mayor contacted her production to tell her that Sofía Franco’s still-husband never had a romantic relationship with Dahabreh, but that if he was romantically interested in the former reality girl

Likewise, a reporter from ‘Urraca’ contacted Jamila Dahabreh to know her opinion about it, because until a few weeks ago she was romantically related to Alvaro Paz de la BarraThey were even caught on more than one occasion having fun together.

When asked about the mayor of La Molina, the blonde immediately made it known that she was not interested in knowing anything about him. “I don’t know what he does with his life, there he is, I have nothing to say”, he commented.

On the other hand, the businesswoman maintained that she is currently going through a difficult time having her sick pet, emphasizing that she now realizes the people who are really with her in good times and bad.

“I am with my puppy badly and I realize in difficult moments who is who, nothing more”, was the response of Jamila Dahabreh about whether she felt that at some point she was the one who did the most for her.

To end, Jamila Dahabreh made it clear that he will not give a third chance to Alvaro Paz de la Barra, ruling out in this way that in the future they will see them together. In addition, he recognized that there are people who have a bad habit of using others.

Álvaro Paz de la Barra and Jamilia Dahabreh.  Photo: composition.
Álvaro Paz de la Barra and Jamilia Dahabreh. Photo: composition.

just a few days ago Alvaro Paz de la Barra was intervened by the police after leaving a party, although on this occasion he was not accompanied by Jamila Dahabrehsomething that sparked suspicions that things were no longer going well between them.

was the program ‘Love and Fire’ the one who released said information by managing to record the images. “Good evening, Álvaro, how are you? What has happened? Tell us. You are with a topic of intervention, what has happened?”, the journalist asked, without receiving a response from the mayor.


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