Infobae celebrated its 20 years

Infobae celebrated this Thursday, August 11, its first 20 years. He did it before more than a thousand guests, among whom stood out prominent personalities from politics, Justice, diplomacy, the business world and the media. The celebration took place in the Fairgrounds of Buenos Aires, The Rural.

daniel hadadfounder and CEO of the company, described the current situation of the company in a framework in which he highlighted the changes experienced by the industry in the past decades, but especially since the appearance of the first smartphone, that revolutionized news consumption as it is known today.

Among the points listed, he highlighted the strategy that Infobae it had to adopt and that made it possible for it to maintain leadership at a global level. “When it was thought Infobae In 2002 the Internet was not as common as today, it was something that was in the offices. So, with Valeria Cavallo we thought of something that was going to go from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, because the breaking news was at that time. We wanted people to get information in the office, on a computer. And one day Steve Jobs appeared with a very small device and presented the iPhone and that’s where the revolution began. That empowered society,” he said. hadah.

Daniel Hadad, founder and CEO of Infobae, during his message to the guests at the celebration in La Rural for the 20 years of the company (Infobae)
Daniel Hadad, founder and CEO of Infobae, during his message to the guests at the celebration in La Rural for the 20 years of the company (Infobae)

From then on, planning Infobae underwent a resounding change and that is how it progressively managed to position itself as the number one site in the news and digital communication market. “This is our chance. Let’s focus everything on the phone”, he recalled hadah which he then proposed and synthesized: “Today, 90% of the traffic of Infobae goes on the phone”. It was this new paradigm -and a constant commitment and investment in technological innovation and journalistic quality- that made it possible for the media to be placed at the top of the world ranking in Spanish speaking.

According to Comscore -the company that audits measurements around the world-, last June Infobae reached 47,157,062 million unique visitors, 12 million more than the Spanish newspaper The country and 16 million over The vanguardthe other leading Spanish-language newspaper.

Infobae was the most read Spanish-language news site in the world in June 2022 (Comscore)
Infobae was the most read Spanish-language news site in the world in June 2022 (Comscore)

The distance between the leading midfielder and his immediate followers widens if other variables are also taken into account. In that same month in relation to total views (pages visited) -another of the parameters that it measures Comscore-, Infobae accounted for 572 million, while The world added 362 million and 20 minutes 262 million.

Even, Infobae is the only Spanish-language media outlet that is among the top 50 most visited according to statistics from SimilarWeb, a company of Israeli origin specialized in audience measurement. In that rankingthe site with offices in Buenos Aires, Lima, Bogotá, Miami and Mexico is in position number 27. But not only compared to other media is it measured Infobae. figure in second place among the most visited sites in Argentina, according to the same audience company. In the first place is Youtubethe video company of Google.

In Argentinawhile, Infobae maintains its leadership. It is consolidated at the top of the podium over Clarion Y The nationsecond and thirdrespectively, also according to the numbers audited by Comscore. For its part, in Mexico Infobae It ranks at number six. In Colombia -where operations began less than two years ago- is located in the same place, as well as in Peru, where the newsroom began its tasks just a year ago. All data correspond to Comscore.

Infobae was again the most visited news site in Argentina in June 2022 (Comscore)
Infobae was again the most visited news site in Argentina in June 2022 (Comscore)

international greetings

When explaining the expansion and the transcendence that acquired Infobae in recent years, hadah highlighted the regional work that is carried out from the opening of the newsrooms inMexico, Colombia Y Peruin addition to the offices and correspondents that the site has in Washington, New York, Miami, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, bolivia, Venezuela, Chili, Madrid, Paris, Londonamong other. In this sense, presidents and former heads of state, writers, personalities from culture, sports and finances sent their greetings on the 20th anniversary of the leading international media outlet.

The future

Looking to the future hadah pointed out that in the coming years Infobae it will bet even more on the formats that it is already presenting to the audience. “What has been made clear to us in recent times is that we have to bet on new formats. It is not enough with the title, the download and the text. People are consuming more videos, more stories. Less news and more stories”.

In addition, he quoted the former editor of the newspaper Washington Post, Martin Baronwho said that currently, in general, the “people do not want to be informed, but rather confirmed in their views”. “Us -concluded the founder of Infobaewe try to avoid that. We believe that the media are intellectual products that must maintain a dialogue with the audience and try to give arguments so that the citizen is critical. We are in a position to make a Infobae for each user, official or opposition, for fans of Boca or River. We can do it? Yes. Do we want to do it? No, because we would stop doing journalism”.

Lastly, he made it clear what the values ​​that guide the company are: “Our strong ideas are: human rights, care for the planet and inclusion and respect for gender diversity”.

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