Estudiantes and Athletico Paranaense play the pass to the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores

Estudiantes de la Plata and Athletico Paranaense define the pass to the semifinals (REUTERS / Agustín Marcarian)
Estudiantes de la Plata and Athletico Paranaense define the pass to the semifinals (REUTERS / Agustín Marcarian)

Estudiantes de la Plata equals 0-0 with Athletico Paranaense for the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Libertadores Cup. The meeting, which has the arbitration of the Uruguayan Andrés Matonte, can be followed by Fox Sports.

From the beginning, Pincha imposed his conditions with control of the midfield and with Paul Piati very shifty fetching back and spawn the game along with Fernando Zuqui. While the Brazilians withdrew and got closer betting on a stopped ball.

Then Paranaense imposed their rough game and Estudiantes slowed down for a few minutes. Then he returned to the ambush on the left side with a Emmanuel More that was very launched and after half an hour Augustine Roger He had the clearest until that moment with a shot that went close to the post.

It is the duel of the year for the team he leads Ricardo Zielinsky. It is that after the solid presentation in Curitiba, the prick he knows he needs to win to advance to the next round of his biggest goal for the year. After overcoming two previous stages before qualifying for the group stage, the Argentine team qualified as the best in their area and eliminated Fortaleza in the round of 16.

With our minds focused on the international plane, Students achieved an important result in the first leg. The Furacao was superior, but he lacked clarity to stay with the first boy, in a game in which the appearance of the VAR was key in favor of the visitorsince in his two interventions the judge annulled a penalty that he charged for the locals and then a goal for a previous advanced position.

In the first action, the referee Jesús Valenzuela signaled the penalty point for a handball by Leonardo Godoy after a header by Tomás Neck. But after reviewing the play at the request of the VAR, the judge rectified his decision, considering that the Argentine defender was sticking out his arm. In the play of Paranaense’s goal when there were less than 10 minutes left in the game, Thiago Heleno anticipated up and converted with a header, but the judge received the call and after warning of an advanced position of the player who sent the center, annulled the much.

The winner of this series of quarterfinals will precisely face Palmeiras in the semifinals. The current two-time champion of the Libertadores has just eliminated Atlético Mineiro on penalties after equalizing goalless at home in the rematch.


Students from La Plata: Mariano Andújar, Agustín Rogel, Luciano Lollo, Jorge Morel, Leonardo Godoy, Fernando Zuqui, Jorge Rodríguez, Emmanuel Más, Manuel Castro, Leandro Díaz and Pablo Piatti. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Athletico Paranaense: Bento, Khelven, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno, Abner Vinicius, Fernandinho, Hugo Moura, Agustín Canobbio, Alex Santana, Tomás Neck and Pablo DT: Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Referee: Andres Matonte (Uruguay)

Stadium: Jorge Luis Hirschi

TV: Fox Sports


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