Elections 2022: JNE supervises organizational work for the voting on October 2

Photo: JNE.
Photo: JNE.

Less than two months before the regional and municipal elections are held, the organization work for that day has begun. In that sense, the National Election Jury (JNE) has been supervising the progress of these activities carried out by the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE).

Thus, personnel from the JNE’s National Directorate of Supervision and Electoral Processes came to the printing facilities, in Independencia, to supervise the printing of the first part of the register-actas, among other documents that will be used on next October 2.

The inspectors of the JNE reviewed the electoral documents to verify that they do not have defects, such as stains or flaws at the time of printing, and that they meet the minimum requirements for printing the material. They also examined the process carried out by the ONPE with all the printed material, such as registration, serialization, manual quality control, electronic control and packaging.

The JNE has scheduled for the next few days to inspect the color test and beginning of the printing of the ballot papers, as well as the printing of the second part of the acts-register made up of the electoral act, results poster and attendance sheet of polling station members, among other documents.

After all the material has been approved by the agency, they will be sent to the Decentralized Offices for Electoral Processes (ODPE) within the term established by law and in the ONPE Electoral Operational Plan.

The National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) chose the people who are suitable to be part of the voting tables and selected a total of 25 citizens for each of the 84,323 voting tables, among whom the members of the table were chosen through a public draw that was held on Friday, July 22.

Likewise, the event took place at the headquarters of the electoral body in Lima, with the presence of representatives of political organizations and representatives of the National Election Jury (JNE) and the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec).

In this sense, if you want to know if you were selected to be a table member, you can make your query on the portal electoralconsultation.onpe.gob.pe of the ONPE.

You can do it in two simple steps and they are the following:

1. enter this LINK: https://consultaelectoral.onpe.gob.pe/

two. Choose one of the options to consult. Choose between ‘DNI’ and ‘Full Name’, type the selected option and then click on “Consult”.

The Electoral Processes Office activated the website to find out who will be the polling station members for the next 2022 Elections
The Electoral Processes Office activated the website to find out who will be the polling station members for the next 2022 Elections
Table member query.  Photo: Capture
Table member query. Photo: Capture

Immediately a window will open where you can see whether or not you are a member of the table. In case you have been elected, you will know which of the three positions you have to fill (president, secretary, third member and more.), and you must attend very early on the day of the Elections 2022 to the place that corresponds to you.

As is known, the right to vote is subject to a duty, so in case of non-compliance, one is deserving of an economic fine.

Likewise, it is important to take into account that, if you did not go to vote and you are a polling station member, you must pay two fines.

If you are a table member

Headlines and substitutes: S/230 for not being a table member.

If you didn’t go to vote

It depends on the economic state:

Not poverty: $92.

Poor: $46.

Extreme poberty: $23.


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