Danna Paola caused a sensation with “XT4S1S”, her new single after almost a year without songs

The child star will return to the stage with this new album.  (Insatagram photo: @dannapaola)
The child star will return to the stage with this new album. (Insatagram photo: @dannapaola)

Danna Paola is partying for XT4S1S, a new single that premiered after about a year without releasing music. And it is that after the success he achieved as Lucrecia Montesinos in Elite (2018) She decided to resume her career as a performer with two record productions that quickly positioned her among the first places of popularity and everything seems to indicate that this new album will have the same or greater scope.

A few hours ago Danna Paola appealed to her account Instagram to share with his almost 35 million followers his new song with his respective video clip. Remarkably excited about this installment, recognized that the creative process of this album was arduous and not only had positive results in the compositions, but also served to experiment with his emotions until he found his stamp.

After almost a year without music and a very intense creative process, I finally reconnected with who I am as an artist. I learned that sometimes it is more important to feel in soul and in the bones the music that you are creating, than to always be in search of the “hit”.

Within her post, Danna Paola reflected on the importance of following instincts in any content creation, especially in music, because that is the only way to do unique things. She also hinted that within this industry it is very common for singers and songwriters to seek to release pure hits and on many occasions that is counterproductive.

“Songs are a hit when you really connect with them. I am very proud of this song and know in my soul that it is made with all the love and how its name says, with all theecstasy that generates me to create music”, he added.

The video clip on YouTube has already exceeded 300 thousand reproductions and 63 thousand "I like it".  (YouTube capture: Danna Paola)
The video clip on YouTube has already exceeded 300,000 views and 63,000 “likes”. (YouTube capture: Danna Paola)

Finally, Danna Paola extended a thank you to her boyfriend, Alex Hoyer, for collaborating in the production of this theme. But that was not all, she also confessed that it was written in the privacy of her home: “So proud to know that we made this song in our living room. I love and admire you a lot, thanks for your magic”.

In a matter of seconds, the comments section was filled with the first reactions of her fans to the single, and among applause for the rhythm, some compliments stood out for the singer for the daring wardrobe she wore in the video clip. And it is that Danna posed for the camera with a suit made up of a bikini and a black meshin addition to long gloves and high boots.

Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer.  (Instagram photo: @dannapaola)
Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer. (Instagram photo: @dannapaola)

please let this be a hit of the level of Notoriety”. “The song of the year”. “You really are a great artist.” “Keep making music with those electronic overtones that are noticeable from the second half of the song.” “I love that it’s a pop song.” “The best I’ve ever heard! I’m dying to listen to the rest of the album”, were some reactions.

in when the protagonist of Dare to dream (2010) announced his Tour XT4S1yes his fans went crazy to the point of ending the available tickets for the concert he will offer next November 16 at the National Auditorium. This happened during the first day of special pre-sale for Citibanamex beneficiary and shocked the singer so much that she shared her joy through a TikTok.

“I have no words, I swear. sold out in pre-sale of my first National Auditorium… is it serious? I swear I didn’t expect it. I love that life surprises me, that my career continues to surprise me. I swear to you that it is a great blessing and I thank you very much, I swear that you are going to live the best show of your life, ”he said.


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