Criticism of police in Germany after shooting death of a young man

Berlin, Aug 12. Criticism of the police for the death of a 16-year-old teenager with psychiatric problems last Monday in Dortmund (west) is increasing, and several voices denounce the poor preparation of the body for emergencies, as well as alleged institutional racism.

The young man, from Senegal, will be fired this Friday with a ceremony in a mosque, which will be followed by a demonstration called “Justice for Mohammed”, after several similar rallies in previous days.

As has transpired throughout the week, on Monday a 29-year-old agent killed the teenager with five shots from his semi-automatic rifle, which hit him in the torso and face.

The police went to the center for unaccompanied minors in which the Senegalese resided, after being discharged the day before from a psychiatric hospital, due to the call of an employee, who alerted her after seeing the young man, who had expressed suicidal ideas, wielding a knife.

The agents say they had to shoot him in self-defense, but it has not yet been clarified if the boy made a move to attack them and the prosecution has opened an investigation against the policeman who fired the shots.

The Social Democratic parliamentary group in the regional Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia has asked the Minister of the Interior of the “Land”, the conservative Herbert Reul, to report on the case.

“What reason was there to use an automatic weapon and fire six shots? In view of the great numerical superiority, there was no more moderate possibility to defuse the danger?” several deputies of the formation asked this Thursday.

The Greens have also accused the police of racism and the local politician of that formation, Jaques Armel Djiné, born in Cameroon, declared that he had been subjected to allegedly random checks in Dortmund with great frequency, a practice known as “racial profiling”. “.

Several criminologists have also expressed incomprehension for the fact that the agents used a semi-automatic rifle and have advocated improving the training that police officers receive to deal with this type of situation.

The Senegalese teenager is the fourth person to die in a police operation so far this year in the “Land” of North Rhine-Westphalia. EFE


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