Controversy in Estudiantes-Athletico Paranaense for the Copa Libertadores: why Luciano Lollo’s goal was well annulled

In the second half of match between Estudiantes and Athletico Paranaense for the second leg of the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals in the UNO Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadiumthere was the great controversy of the night for a somewhat annulled Click. Although at the beginning it was thought that the goal was valid, the Uruguayan referee Andrés Matonte did not validate the goal due to an improper position by Jorge Morel. And he was right.

At 63 minutes came the corner kick and after a header that hit the post, Luciano Lolo converted, but the goal was annulled by the forward position of Jorge Morel who, being almost below the goal, interferes with goalkeeper Bento’s vision. The referee received the call from the VAR, reviewed it and then ratified his decision. The goal was perfectly annulled because the presence hits the goalkeeper in his displacement.

It is worth mentioning that although the goalkeeper was unable to clear the ball, the Estudiantes defender interfered between him and the ball. The rule is clear and says: “Attempting to clearly play a close ball through an action that has an impact on an opponent”. For this reason, and because of the proximity, it can be asserted that the goalkeeper is hit. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t touch the ball and that he doesn’t clearly obstruct your vision. In short, referee Matonte’s sanction was correct.

Vitor Roque’s goal in the sixth minute of addition that gave Athletico Paranaense the classification.

After Vitor Roque’s goal, in the sixth minute of addition that earned Athletico Paranaense qualification to the Copa Libertadores semifinals, this action was even more discussed by the Estudiantes squad, which at the end of the game went to recriminate Athletico Paranaense. the arbitration panel.

It is a totally interpretive action, that is why the VAR, in charge of the Uruguayan Andrés Cunha, called Andrés Matonte to review it. And the rules are clear. The guidelines to consider that it is offside is given around the closeness that hits the goalkeeper. Theoretically it distracts him because Bento should care more about the player who is offside than how the action continues. The offside for interfering with the opponent is clear.


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