Castillo: “As they don’t have the tests, they want to build them”

Lima, Aug 11 The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, assured this Thursday that a sector of the political opposition “wants to build evidence” to incriminate him, after the Prosecutor’s Office opened a new preliminary investigation for alleged corruption.

“Since they don’t have the evidence, they have gone to great lengths to create it. Since they don’t have the evidence, they want to build it,” said the president during a ceremony at the Government Palace with social leaders.

Castillo asserted that a sector of the opposition will continue “inventing and creating constitutional accusations” against him, but insisted that they will not “distract” him.

“While tomorrow they are going to continue breaking my family and they are going to want to leave my children orphans, we are going to continue working for the country,” he emphasized.

“Every thief thinks that we are of the same condition,” he added.

Castillo gave these statements hours after the decision of the attorney general, Patricia Benavides, to open a new preliminary investigation for alleged irregularities in bidding for works in his native region of Cajamarca, became known.

With this investigation, which also includes the former Minister of Housing and current Minister of Transportation, Genier Alvarado, the Prosecutor’s Office already has six investigations against Castillo, despite the fact that the Peruvian Constitution only allows accusing the acting president of treason against the country and for preventing elections.

This is the fifth linked to his administration and the third based on the presumption that he is the head of a corrupt organization that allegedly acts within the Executive.

For the president, these investigations, which also affect his family, are part of a coup operation, presumably orchestrated by those who already tried to take power from him when he won at the polls in June last year through accusations of non-existent electoral fraud.

On Tuesday, after the proceedings of the Public Ministry in the Government Palace to arrest the president’s sister-in-law Yenifer Paredes, who surrendered to Justice on Wednesday, Castillo claimed to be the victim of a “conspiracy between Congress, the Attorney General’s Office and a sector of the press to destabilize the democratic order” and “illegally seize power”.

He made the same insinuation yesterday, when he described the arrest of Paredes, whom he raised and refers to as a daughter, as “part of the struggle” and “of political life in Peru.” EFE


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