Aníbal Torres responds to Congress: “I am willing to submit even to censorship”

Aníbal Torres called to take to the streets to defend democracy.

Last Thursday, August 12, the President of the Council of Ministers, Hannibal Torressent a provocative message to Congress of the Republica. According to him, he is willing to submit to any decision of the Legislative Power for presumably inciting the population to exercise violence against them.

The statements made by the head of the PCM were given during a meeting with the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, and leaders of the country’s regional social bases: farmers, micro-entrepreneurs, defense fronts, and others at the Government Palace.

In his response to the National Representation, the Prime Minister emphasized that he is not dying “for a little charge” and remarked that he is waiting for the invitation to go to Parliament “because they have said that they are going to invite me to explain this ”.

Likewise, He expressed his willingness to submit to any decision that the Legislative Power makes, including censorship.

“Congress has that right (to censorship). I’m not dying for a carguito, I’m going to continue defending the government of Pedro Castillo from inside or outside because I’m with the people. I’m not going to go”he added Hannibal Torres.

The head of the ministerial cabinet stated that the people can be in favor or against the closure of Congress or the constituent assembly, since it is their right for what denied inciting the violence and justified his previous words by specifying that he is only summoning the people to “exercise your right”.

“I defend myself and the people with the truth, not with falsehoods. The people say: close Congress, am I going to cover the mouth of the people? The people say constituent assembly, am I going to cover their mouths?he indicated.

Yesterday, Congress adjourned without debating a motion that proposed calling Hannibal Torres, in his capacity as Prime Minister, to the Plenary to give explanations about his alleged call for mobilizations against Parliament.

Thus, the document presented by various legislators from Country advanceslike Adriana Tudela, Alejandro Cavero, Diego Bazán and José Williams, among others, was not even analyzed by Lady Camones, president of the Board of Directors of the Congress of the Republic.

This motion was presented after on Wednesday night, Torres Vásquez said that marches and mobilizations would take place in the city of Lima in support of the President of the RepublicPeter Castle.

Last Wednesday, August 11, during the first meeting with leaders of Metropolitan Lima and social organizations of Peru in the Government Palace, the president of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, made a public call to the bases of the provinces to mobilize towards the city ​​of Lima to make the “coup plotters” “kneel” and implement a new Political Constitution.

The controversial words for which the premier has now been questioned were: “If each one with that energy they have, with that capacity they have, with that will to defend their interests, their children and their children’s children, to bring 50 people each to Lima. Then they would bring the coup plotters to their knees, they would force us to have a Constitution that benefits all Peruvians and not just a certain class, a sector of economic power.”

The head of the cabinet accused the political right of establishing a link with the Public Ministry and the Lima media to commit “abuse of rights” and of interfere in the activities of the president and the Executive” with the operation in the Government Palace to arrest Yenifer Paredessister-in-law of the president.

“As they have not been able politically in Congress to collect the 87 votes, now they enter into coexistence with the justice system and there they have the Public Ministry. How does he act now? With an extraordinary abuse of rights, coming here to interfere with the activities of the president and the Executive, without the Constitution and the law allowing it, but due to the abuse of certain prosecutors and judges, with the help of course from the Lima press”, stressed.

During his oral participation, Torres stated that the first lady’s sister, Lilia Paredes, could become a “leader” or political figure for the next general elections.

Yennifer Paredes, Pedro Castillo's sister-in-law, testifies before the Congressional Oversight Commission
Yennifer Paredes, Pedro Castillo’s sister-in-law, testifies before the Congressional Oversight Commission

“Yenifer Paredes is sacrificing herself, she is innocently being mistreated and deprived of her liberty, but we Peruvians are gaining a leader who in the next elections must be defending the rights of the people in the highest positions of Peruvian politics. We have to achieve that and we have to prepare for it.”he pointed.


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