A clandestine clinic in Liniers was raided for selling false COVID-negative certificates

Video: the operation in La Boliviana Salud.

Personnel from the City Police and the Buenos Aires Government Control Agency (AGC) carried out a raid yesterday to close a clandestine health center that operated in the Liniers neighborhood. In the place, which had a current closure, they delivered fake COVID-19 certificatesamong other irregularities. By a false certificate indicating a negative PCR test resulta clear risk to public health, the medical center charged 7,800 pesos, according to researchers.

Sources with access to the file confirmed to Infobae that the operation was carried out in the center The Bolivian Health, located in Ramón Falcón at 6900, as a result of the complaint filed on November 17 of last year by a doctor. At his indictment, the witness reported that False certificates were issued at the clinic, using his digitized signature and the name of the company to which he belongs, pretending to be a branch of the same.

Against this background, last February the medical center had been closed due to having authorization in process and not having its opening approvedafter a neighbor denounced that local employees dumped pathogenic waste on the sidewalk without being properly processed.

One of the consulting "The Bolivian Health"the medical center raided in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Liniers for delivering bogus COVID certificates, among other irregularities.
One of the clinics of “La Boliviana Salud”, the medical center raided in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Liniers for delivering bogus COVID certificates, among other irregularities.

As a result of the raid, carried out while some patients were waiting to be treated,three computers, two cell phones, the recordings of the security cameras of the place and documentation were seized, including the apocryphal PCR test certificates. In addition, the officers verified that said certificates were issued with a seal from a foreign laboratory.

Likewise, the officials who participated in the operation found a large number of pathogenic waste and from where the raid was requested in the health center, he extended the imputation tl and different specialtiesready to be completed with patient data.t

The Fiscal Unit Specialized in Environmental Matters (UFEMA), headed by Dr. Carlos Rolero Santurian and from where the raid was requested in the health center, extended the accusation after the sequestration of documentation related to unauthorized medical practices, linked to alleged abortions.

City Police personnel and other Buenos Aires and national organizations seize documentation from the medical center "The Bolivian Health".
Personnel from the City Police and other local and national organizations seize documentation from the “La Boliviana Salud” medical center.

At the time of the procedure, authorized by the Criminal, Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Court Number 3, in charge of Dr. Carla Cavalierethe sources consulted by this means specified that the facility’s medical director was not on site, and in her place was a 57-year-old woman. Consequently, the intervening Prosecutor’s Office notified the accused of an infraction of article 292 of the Penal Code on falsification of documents, and a misdemeanor act was drawn up for infringing article 82 on violation of closure.

Due to the positive result of the procedure, personnel from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health ordered a new closure of the place and authorities from the General Directorate of Supervision and Control (DGFYC), General Directorate of Environmental Control (DGCONTA) and the General Directorate of Cleaning (DGLIM) of Buenos Aires, carried out minutes for administrative and safety and hygiene failures.

At the request of UFEMA, Officers from the Crimes Against Health Division of the City Police also participated.together with the Judicial Investigation Corps (CIJ) of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In April of last year, and during one of the worst points of the pandemic, the City Police discovered the alleged illegal practices of ACILA (Community Action for the Equality of Latin Americans in Argentina), a prepaid medicine service for migrant communities that did swabs without authorization with trout nurses and charged 6,000 pesos each test.

This is how ACILA promoted its services.
This is how ACILA promoted its services.

The accusation, presented then by the criminal and misdemeanor prosecutor Sebastián Fedullo, targeted ACILA for the delivery of bogus certificates with previous arrangements by WhatsApp, “in the car”, “without shift” and with “results in the day”. During the raid on the prepaid clinics, which operated at 900 Larrea Street, two nurses were arrested who showed their cards, but in the real papers of the Ministry of Health they did not have any authorization. Thus, the workers They were charged with the crime of illegal practice of medicine.

The Crimes Against Health division of the City Police, in charge of the raid, He also verified that the establishment had an ambulance, a Ford Transit, which at first glance was equipped but did not have the authorization. corresponding to operate and was also seized.

One day after the requisition, Infobae he contacted the telephone line through which ACILA offered its services. As a result of that conversation on WhatsApp, it was found that the offer was still standing despite the closure that weighed on the place.


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