U-20 World Cup: Ingrid Guerra is clear that Colombia’s first goal is to qualify for the quarterfinals

The player spoke of the confidence that exists in the group prior to the duel against Mexico.  Photo: FCF
The player spoke of the confidence that exists in the group prior to the duel against Mexico. Photo: FCF

At the Alejandro Morera Soto Stadium in Alajuela, Costa Rica, the Colombia under-20 team He began his participation in the world championship of the category with a 1-0 victory over Germany with a score by Mariana Muñoz, which was enough to add the first three points in the world cup.

With this result, those led by Carlos Paniagua lead Group B after the one-goal draw between New Zealand and Mexico, which will be Colombia’s next rival on Saturday, August 13 in San José, Costa Rica from 6:00 pm (Colombian time). A victory would close the powerpuff girls of the next phase of the championship.

After the historic victory against the Germansthe coffee team is already concentrated for what will be the match against the team manitowhich will be a difficult exam for the Tricolor, who will seek the ticket to the quarterfinals of the World Cup in the capital Tica.

One of the relevant players in the commitment to the Teutonic entering from the substitute bench was Ingrid War, that this Thursday he spoke to the media about various issues prior to the game for the second date of his group against his similar from Mexico.

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In the first place, the attacker at the service of Deportivo Cali affirmed that the group is calm after the victory against Germany, but knows of the power of Mexico, for which it cannot be trusted against a very careful rival.

In the same way, Guerra referred to the competition that is up front, in which he is not a starter, having Gisela Robledo, Linda Caicedo and Gabriela Rodríguez above him. “For now, continue working, personally I have confidence in them, I have known Linda since we were in the Valle team, for me she is the best player in Colombia”

“For my part, I will always be ready for as many minutes as possible and always act in the best way to be able to have a little more confidence in myself.”

“We are going step by step, yesterday we took our first step on the step, we are already thinking about Mexico, we will always go with an attitude, we have a very clear objective which is to qualify for the next phase”.



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