‘This is Bacán’: Followers speculate the return of Pancho Rodríguez to a competition program

Followers speculate that Pancho Rodríguez could return to competition reality.
Followers speculate that Pancho Rodríguez could return to competition reality.

More and more details are coming out of who will be part of the new competition reality show, ‘This is Bacan’ which will be transmitted by Willax Television and will be driven by Gian Piero Diaz Y Rossana Fernandez-Maldonado.

The big premiere is this Saturday, August 13 at seven at night and it will be a sequence of the program ‘be surprised‘ which has already been in the San Borja channel for a few months.

Little by little they have been getting to know who the competitors will be, many of them have been part of ‘This Is War’ and ‘Combat‘ but there is a person who has drawn a lot of attention from netizens, it would be the return of Pancho Rodriguez to competition programs.

The Chilean citizen Pancho Rodriguez He has aroused a lot of curiosity in his fans, by posting an image of an airplane cabin on his social networks.

Since, many of the followers think that he would be taking a flight to Lima to participate in the program of ‘This is war‘ of America Television either ‘This is Bacan‘ from Willax.

However, it must be taken into account that the famous Pitbull is prevented from entering our country due to an issue with his papers in Migrations. And as long as he does not regularize and have everything in order, he will not be able to return to Peru.

Many of his followers have written the following messages on his Instagram account: “Panchito returns to the combatants, you are greatly missed”, “Pitbull returns and leaves everyone silent”, “Panchito returns, the combatants need you… You are the best of Combat!”. “Will you be in This is Bacán?”.

Netizens ask him to return to Pancho Rodríguez
Netizens ask him to return to Pancho Rodríguez

It will be that he is on his way to Lima to be part of any of these competition realities, for now he has posted in his Instagram stories that he does not understand the questions about television programs in Peru.

“I need to ask you for a giant favor, you have written me a lot about what is happening on the TV show. ‘This is war’I can’t understand very well, they talk to me about resurrections, I don’t understand, please, if you can update me a little I would appreciate it”, he posted a little video asking his followers for help to better understand the situation.

Pancho Rodríguez sends messages to his followers on the subject of reality shows. instagram.

In addition, the most emblematic voices of competition realities return and will be part of ‘this is bacan‘, the new segment of the program be surprised’.

The character known as ‘The Boss’ in Combat, will be another member of Willax’s new television space. This is the announcer Luis Enrique Outten, voiceover of the newscasts of said channel, who will be part of the show.

This was shown in his Instagram stories, Gian Piero Díaz, who declared for the program Love and Fire’ that this new proposal has no intention of competing with ‘This is war’which is driven by his ex-partner Renzo Schuller and Johanna San Miguel.

“No, that’s another level of competition, we are doing (the program) with a sun twenty (budget) and you don’t know how beautiful everything is”, commented the actor.

In addition, there will be the sports commentator and known to all the fighters, Peter Arévalo better known as Mr Peet. Both will narrate the struggle that the contestants will carry out to achieve their goal.

This new entertainment proposal will not only face its members, but will also have challenges with social help. Likewise, it was learned that some of its members are Zumba, Allison Pastor, Elías Montalvo, Andrea Arana, Alejandro Pino ‘El chocolatito’, Andrea Arana, Duilio Vallebuona and Chris Soifer.

They are the members of Esto es Bacán.
They are the members of Esto es Bacán.

When everyone thought This is Bacan’ was in charge of Marisol Crousillatformer producer of ‘Combate’, the executive clarified that she has nothing to do with said project and pointed out that it belongs exclusively to ‘Surprise yourself’.

in conversation with Infobaepointed out that despite the fact that he is currently working in Willax, among his plans is not to carry out a competition program, in addition to the fact that said television house does not have the necessary infrastructure.

“For now it is difficult, because ‘Combat’ you need a bigger space, a big budget. us with ‘Combat’ it cost us a lot to raise the auspices, it was not easy. It was something new. Starting with the studio, I think Willax TV’s audience isn’t big enough yet to have the sponsorships that are required for a show like this,” he said.


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