They arrested an OnlyFans model accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death

Courtney Clenney (Photo: IG @courtneytailor)
Courtney Clenney (Photo: IG @courtneytailor)

A model of onlyfans who fatally stabbed her boyfriend in Miami last April was arrested in Hawaii on Wednesday and is expected to be charged with second-degree murder.according to the authorities.

In a statement, the Hawaii Police Department said a arrest warrant for Courtney Clenney26, alleging second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.

Clenney was arrested for the murder, on April 3, of Christian “Toby” Obumseli while in rehab for substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, said his attorney, Frank Prieto, confirming the information from Miami Herald.

She was being held at the Eastern Hawaii Detention Center and was expected to make her first appearance in local district court on Thursday, the department said. She will eventually be extradited to Florida.

The State Attorney’s office for the 11th Judicial Circuit said it would announce charges Thursday in connection with Obumseli’s murder.

Courtney Clenney and Christian Toby Obumseli (@christianvstoby)
Courtney Clenney and Christian Toby Obumseli (@christianvstoby)

The Miami Police Department described Obumseli’s death as a incident related to domestic violence which involved a physical altercation and ended with a stabbing.

In a statement, Prieto, who described the relationship as “clearly toxic”said he was “completely shocked” by Clenney’s arrest because of “the clear evidence of self-defense in this matter.”

“Obumseli attacked her and suffocated her that night. Courtney had no choice but to respond to force with force.”he stated, according to NBCnews.

Who is Courtney Clenney?

Courtney is an influencer who has more than 2 million followers on Instagramin addition, is known for having a profile in onlyfans under the name of Courtney Tailor.

In said account, she points out that she is: “Proud Texan! Full-time fitness model and food lover who lives with 2 dogs, Jesse and Ranger”.

Courtney Clenney (Photo: IG @courtneytailor)
Courtney Clenney (Photo: IG @courtneytailor)

Likewise, it is mentioned that she recently moved to Miami and that this represented a great change for her, due to her place of origin.

Who was Christian Obumseli

the profile of Facebook of the deceased indicates that he studied communication in Texas Tech University and it is pointed out that he was an entrepreneur at Wisemen & Peachtree LLC.

Due to the murder of Christian Toby Obumseli, 27, A group called GoFundMe was created in order to support Obumseli’s family.

“It is inconceivable to make sense of our new reality. That selfish act of someone ripped Christian from this world. It is not enough to say that we are shocked and hurt, we are completely devastated. His murder leaves many questions unanswered and creates a void that can never be repaired or filled. Not even over time”, can be read in the description of the site that seeks to raise funds.

Christian Obumseli (Photo:
Christian Obumseli (Photo:

The publication notes that the 27-year-old man he was a good person “Christian was extremely compassionate and always wanted to lift those around him. He did not deserve to have his life cut short by a heinous act of violence. We will never forget her contagious smile that could light up any room or her caring spirit. He will always be remembered by his grandmother, mother, father, brother, extended family and friends,” the website says.


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