The brutal kick of an Agropecuario defender who took Zeballos off the field and the disconsolate cry of the Boca Juniors youth

Criminal kick to Changuito Zeballos

Almost out of context was the kick that Milton Leyendeker he tipped Exequiel Zeballos at minute 5 of match between Boca Juniors and Agropecuario, in Salta, for the round of 16 of the Argentine Cup. The monkey He faced him as a left winger, he took several lengths ahead of his markers and the number 2 went directly to look for him to intimidate him. Judge Nicolás Ramírez, in the first instance, gave him a yellow card, but later corrected himself and showed him the red one.

The decision of the referee who was confirmed as the main player after Ariel Penel’s injury was correct and it is worth mentioning that it is legal that he changed his mind since the game had not yet restarted when he finally expelled the defender from soybean. The images showed that the assistant Pablo González and fourth referee Mariano Negrete approached him to warn him of the seriousness of the challenge.

After the struggles, shoves and protests from both sides, the referee showed Leyendeker the way to the showers, who grabbed Zeballos at the knee and literally pulled him off the court. Feeling outside the boundary of the field, the man from Santiago had to be treated by the medical assistants, who recommended Hugo Ibarra not to continue on the court due to the severe pain that the kick caused him.

This is how Zeballos looked after the kick
This is how Zeballos looked after the kick

Boca’s number 7 broke down in tears on the substitute bench, a victim of impotence, due to pain and not having been able to take advantage of a title he had not enjoyed for three games (the last time it had been against Argentinos Juniors in La Paternal for the Professional League). Doctors had to immobilize his right ankle, the affected area. In principle, his substitution was as a precaution, but the tests he will undergo tomorrow will determine whether there is an injury or not. Sebastian Villa he hastened his warm-up and was the one who replaced him. Meanwhile, Diego Osella also rearmed his lines due to the unexpected expulsion and changed Nahuel Luján for Lucas Vesco.

Already facing the supplement, Zeballos reappeared on the substitutes bench with a walker boot. It was reported that, due to movement, no fracture was recorded. However, they will also seek to rule out that it is a right ankle sprain (due to inflammation). The next engagement Xeneize It will be this Sunday, when he visits Racing for Date 13 of the Professional League at the Presidente Perón stadium (it will start at 8:30 p.m.).

At the beginning, an unexpected and unfortunate situation was recorded: it will be remembered as one of the most violent kicks in the history of the competition.


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