Sergio Romero’s generous donation to Racing Club before signing with Boca Juniors

The incorporation of Sergio Romero a Boca Juniors generated a new crack within Argentine football. Shortly after the presentation with the colors of the Xeneizethe fans of Racing began to question the goalkeeper’s decision to join another local ground club other than the Academy and they even revived old statements by the goalkeeper swearing that he would not play for another team. The conflict deepened when Eliana Guercioleading couple, published on social networks that they never received any call from the leadership of the Avellaneda cadre.

In the meantime, Tiny He was grateful to Racing for having lent him one of the pitches on the Tita Mattiussi property for ten days to further his recovery and made a large donation: the entire rubber floor for the gym, six exercise bikes, balls, massage rollers, two racks, jump boxes and approximately 300 kilos of discs to be used by the Lower Ones.

It should be noted that Sergio Romero also was giving motivational talks to the young people who currently train in the said place with the mission of installing the sense of belonging. In addition, the goalkeeper was always characterized by showing his supportive facet with the youngest and those who are beginning to walk their path in soccer, in which he made constant donations to improve the infrastructure and props.

This is how the gym looked after the placement of the floor donated by Chiquito (Photo: Racing de Alma)
This is how the gym looked after the placement of the floor donated by Chiquito (Photo: Racing de Alma)

However, on the other side came the rumors that the possibility of changing the name of Sergio Romero from Court 1 of the Tita Mattiussi Estate for having signed with Boca Juniors. “The thing between Romero and Boca hurts, but I wish him the best. At Racing we did everything that had to be done and we pampered him a lot. When I spoke he told me that his priority was Europe”, he explained Victor White, president of the Academy, when analyzing the possibility that the guard will face his club next Sunday for the date 13 of the Professional Football League. And he concluded on the subject: “I’m not telling you forever, but Racing’s door was closed for a while. What he said doesn’t help much.”.

Each side of the story has its version of it and Tiny made his clear at the presentation press conference. “If Racing showed up, he would surely have accepted, but he didn’t show up; They will know where they will have to knock on the door, but they did not show up, it was Boca that showed up, ”he declared forcefully.


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