Seized 200 kilos of cocaine on a ship in the Spanish island of Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), 11 Aug. The Customs Surveillance Service and the Spanish Civil Guard intervened 200 kilos of cocaine that was attached inside a refrigeration tube of a ship that refueled in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Atlantic islands of the Canary Islands.

The operation took place while the ship, named “Nord Mamore”, was making a technical stop to refuel on its route from Brazil to the Portuguese port of Lisbon, both institutions said in a statement on Thursday.

The intervention of the drug was carried out in the early hours of August 5 in a review of the ship. The declared cargo was corn, destined for the port of Lisbon, details the statement.

During the course of the inspection of the cargo and the rest of the common areas of the vessel, up to a total of eight bundles were detected.

The discovery occurred during the inspection of a cooling water intake pipe for the ship’s machinery, carried out from outside the hull by Civil Guard divers.

The bundles were tied inside the tube and to each other when they were located by the divers.

After analyzing the packages, it was found that it was cocaine. EFE


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