Petro announces a drastic change to the security councils: they will no longer be exclusive to the FF. MM.

The president announced that the security councils will no longer be exclusive to the armed forces.  Photo: Presidency.
The president announced that the security councils will no longer be exclusive to the armed forces. Photo: Presidency.

In his first security council as president in Quibdocapital of the department of collidedPresident Gustavo Petro announced a drastic change to the security councils, which will now become “human security”, with which they will no longer be the exclusive participation of the armed forces.

“The composition of the security council, which is clearly made up of the public force, has some powers, but it does not in itself manage to definitively solve problems of violence in a region like Chocó, for example,” he said. Petro

For this reason, he announced that in the new councils there will be the participation of institutions other than the public force. “A concept is needed that we have been defending and that we are now going to practice, which is the concept of human securitywhich implies that these security councils are not only from the public force, but also from a series of institutions that can be key, without being armed, in the solution of violence”, indicated the president.

For example, the University of collidedthe public education institution, the health institution of the department, because part of the violence that has the young person as the protagonist, whether as victim or perpetrator, it can decrease substantially if there are much more attractive ways for the young person to live”, he added.

He stressed that in order to eradicate violence, it is necessary to improve quality of lifeand that is why the participation of other entities is necessary.

“Improving the quality of life of the population of Chocó in general is not a responsibility of the public force, which implies much more coordinated activity from other institutions such as the Ministry of Housing, the territorial entities, the Ministry of Health, Education” , said the president.

Likewise, he assured that in operational matters, the intelligence capacities for the interception of cocaine in the different modes of distribution used by criminal groups will be measured, in order to reduce the security problems that exist in the region.

“From the point of view of human life, I think it is more effective to concentrate anti-drug activity on interdiction. It could even solve problems of internal and armed conflict to the extent that a territory is not effective for exporting cocaine.”

He also called for society to be open to peace processes, whether political or legal. That is why he proposed an alliance between his government and Chocó society to establish “economic forms that guarantee greater legal prosperity.”

For this reason, he pointed out that it is necessary to reform the mining code, which is why he asked local administrations to present proposals to maintain the ancestral mining that occurs in the region, but to reduce illegal operations.

He insisted on his invitation to have binding regional dialogues so that the different social actors can express their points of view. “That makes it not only ‘binding’ to make the Development Plan, but also an instrument to build peace in the territories.”

It should be remembered that since he was a presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro I had already talked abouthuman security” during his government. With this concept, the president proposed in his campaign to transform the public forces of the country and its operation.

In the midst of an act of adhesion of 500 retired soldiers to his electoral campaign, held last March, he maintained that one of the main changes to be implemented in his government has to do with the way in which security and defense indicators are measured in the country. He pointed out that it is necessary to measure this variable not only taking into account the rate of homicides and robberies, but also the level of poverty and hunger. Likewise, he intends to take into account the well-being of Colombian soldiers.


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