Miss Universe contest will allow mothers and pregnant women to compete after lawsuit

Los Angeles (USA), 11 Aug. The Miss Universe beauty pageant will allow women who are pregnant or have given birth to compete in future editions, after a lawyer specializing in gender equality filed a lawsuit in California.

“We have fought to eliminate a practice that discriminated against many women to their face, and we achieved a victory not only for women in the United States, but also in many other countries,” said lawyer Gloria Allred at a press conference held this Thursday in The Angels.

Until then, both Miss Universe and its local and national editions did not allow pregnant women or those who had given birth at some time in their lives or who were simply mothers or guardians of a minor to participate.

“This sexist rule that has been applied since 1950 is already history!” exclaimed the lawyer.

Earlier this year, Allred reported the organizers of Miss California, the state edition of Miss Universe, to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), which decided to open an investigation because the rule could violate the California Civil Rights Act.

The lawyer decided to face the famous contest after a model, Andrea Quiroga, came to her office because she could not compete in the contest as she had been a mother years ago.

“These limitations deprived many women, including myself, of a unique platform and opportunity to not only transform their own lives, but to give back to the world in a very meaningful way,” Quiroga justified.

The model added that the rule sent the “ridiculous message that young mothers can’t also be beauty queens.”

Despite the fact that the decision of the California authorities only required changing the requirements to the contest in its state, the organization of the contest (owned by the Endeavor conglomerate) promised to extend it to all the contests of the franchise.

On behalf of those affected in other countries, Veronika Didusenko spoke, who in 2018 had the crown of Miss Ukraine withdrawn after it became known that she had become a mother at the age of 19.

“My first wish was simply to run away from that shame. To hide, forget it and start life from scratch. My son, my main achievement and my pride, was the reason I didn’t run away then,” she said excitedly. EFE


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