Maju Mantilla: “Being Miss World helped me break stereotypes and grow in more than one facet” | INTERVIEW

Maju Mantilla talks about her personal life and her work on television.  (instagram)
Maju Mantilla talks about her personal life and her work on television. (instagram)

Maju Mantilla She has become one of the most beloved drivers in Peru. She started her career as a TV presenter thanks to ‘Two Toads, One Queen’, earning the affection of many. Today we see her in ‘On everyone’s lips’where he shares the set with tula rodriguez Y Ricardo Rondon.

However, she has also been making her way into acting, we will soon see her in fat world. Maju Mantilla talked with Infobae and revealed details of this new project, her work on the small screen, her role as a mother and the relationship she has with her husband, with whom she has already had a solid marriage for 10 years.

Maju, a new movie that you will release, tell me about ‘Fat World’

That’s how it is. They made me the proposal to participate in the film and we started recording it before the pandemic and then we had to stop recording it due to restrictions, but we resumed it after a while. Happy with the proposal because I had just started making movies and everything was new to me.

How is your Marisol character?

Marisol is the friend of the protagonist Cinthia (Daniela Feijoó). She had never made a character like this with a strong character, with a lot of temperament, who can’t stand fleas, who is very frontal. She is very happy to have participated in this film.

What is the message of this tape? It has a lot to do with self love.

Yes, in addition to the fact that they are going to be quite entertaining, the most important thing is the message, that we love each other in our own way and that we don’t worry about what they will say, neither about the colors nor the shapes. That we fall in love with the person that we believe is the right one for our lives is a beautiful message from the film and to support Peruvian cinema. This September 1 is the national premiere of Mundo Gordo.

You were Miss World 2004, now you are also a host and actress. Do you feel like you broke the stereotype that beauty queen is just a pretty face?

There are many stereotypes, they point a lot at beauty queens and the pageants themselves, it has always been unfortunate to hear the adjectives they put to them. I like that thinking is changing, that the participants take a different attitude, that they grow as people and professionals. I think the contest helped me a lot to break stereotypes and to grow in more than one facet.

Maju Mantilla in 2004. (Photo: Social Networks)
Maju Mantilla in 2004. (Photo: Social Networks)

You have also known how to approach the public of social networks. Have you already drawn your limits?

The En Boca de Todos program is for families and there are many mothers, even when I do events the mothers hug me a lot and it is nice to receive the affection of others. However, in the networks there is a large young audience that follows your career. It’s nice, it brings you closer to more people because you can share what they don’t know about you, what you do in your life. I do it, but also carefully because it’s nice to have some privacy. I don’t expose my family so much, I take great care of it.

Do you consider yourself an influencer?

I have never considered myself an influencer (laughs). There’s nothing wrong with that because if you work for it, you’re welcome, I know a lot of people who work for it. My networks are open to many things, but it’s not that I work 100% on them. It’s part of me because I want to be close to the public, because I want to show the things I like to do, because I want to share, but I don’t dedicate myself to that.

On the other hand, you have a solid marriage of 10 years, what do you think is the key?

I don’t know if there is a key because every love story is different. I think I have been a lucky woman because I have always dreamed of a beautiful family, with a husband who is a good person. I don’t know if it’s a secret to being able to have a marriage like this, but in these 10 years I think it’s based on dialogue. You have to be clear in what is said, talk about what bothers you, the things that are failing to improve. Don’t lose communication and trust. I believe that time is so valuable, even if it is a small moment of your day, take it to hug your partner.

You have also been seen excited when your husband participates in competitions…

I love sports, since I was little I have been surrounded by sports and my husband is also an athlete. Now he has returned to rowing and the whole family is happy, his parents, his brothers. Even my children, who are amazed when they see him arriving with medals.

Message from Maju Mantilla to her husband Gustavo Salcedo for winning the bronze medal.  Photo: Instagram.
Message from Maju Mantilla to her husband Gustavo Salcedo for winning the bronze medal. Photo: Instagram.

How do you manage your times with driving, acting, networks and the house?

Before, when I didn’t work on television, I accepted various jobs for events in Lima, the provinces and, since I love to travel, I also said I’m going to work and I’ll take the opportunity to meet, but now I don’t accept them. I already have a steady job and also my children are at school, they go out, they have activities, they go to bed early. On weekends I dedicate myself to them.

The priority is your children

Yeah, they miss mom and dad. They want to be with us. They remember everything and even want to go back to doing the things we did a few years ago. Those beautiful moments are marked in their lives.

At work, Tula Rodríguez is your friend or just your partner

Tula is my friend. We started as partners and a friendship has been born between us because we know each other, we see each other every day, there is a kind of coexistence. Although each one of us has her things for our children, we do get together sometimes.

Is Ricardo Rondón also your friend?

I do consider both her and Ricardo to be friends that the job has given me and we try to understand each other and help each other. From time to time, we have a meeting so we can laugh at everything we do on television (laughs).

Despite the fact that you have sometimes disagreed with Ricardo’s opinions?

As Tula says: ‘we are so different, but we love each other’. We are not going to remain silent because each one has their own voice and it is nice that each one says what they think. I know Ricardo because he appeared shortly after I started on television, I have worked with him for many years and I have learned a lot. He is a person who collaborates, helps and advises you.

Drivers of En Boca de Todos.
Drivers of En Boca de Todos.

Recently Gino Pesaressi left, would you like him to come back?

I have nothing against the people who have worked with me, I have always received them with affection, because if I go to another place I would also like them to receive me with affection and not turn their backs on me. Everyone has been welcome, Gino, Carloncho, Alexandra Horler, Sofía Franco, Joselito, Róger del Águila and more friends who have worked with me, I would be happy to work with any of them again.

How was your relationship with him? On everyone’s lips?

Gino made a nice team with us, he fit in very well. The time he was there was very short and working on a live program does not seem easy to me and more so in our program, where you can be so happy for a piece of news and move on to a more dramatic one because the subject is different.. These changes are not easy and for anyone to be there is a learning experience.

Do you think he lacked time to strengthen his work?

Time always helps you in learning, perhaps the very fact that it has appeared so quickly. He put in a lot of effort, he’s a charismatic guy, good at driving. Suddenly he ran out of time, but I think that at any moment I could see him again, I don’t know if in my program or in another program.

If you see the vein of a driver

I do see him as a driver. I think that from the first day he joined until a few months later, we saw an evolution. So if he works hard, he likes him and he puts in effort anyway, he can do great. He also has his side as an actor, he was with me in Ven Baila Quinceañera, on that side he also has other opportunities.


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