Gustavo Petro took possession of the second group of his ministerial cabinet: ICT and Justice are missing

Gustavo Petro already has several of the ministers who will contribute to achieving the objectives that he set forth in his government plan.  Photo: Infobae - Jesús Avilés.
Gustavo Petro already has several of the ministers who will contribute to achieving the objectives that he set forth in his government plan. Photo: Infobae – Jesús Avilés.

As planned, this August 11, the second group of ministers appointed by President Gustavo Petro took office to accompany him during his four-year term. In the Casa de Nariño, Gloria Ramírez, Ministry of Labor; Germán Umaña, Ministry of Commerce; Catalina Velasco, Ministry of Housing; María Isabel Urrutia, Ministry of Sports, Guillermo Reyes, Ministry of Transport; and Irene Vélez, Ministry of Mines and Energy.

“I want to thank you in advance for the intense work you are going to have. I want you to always carry in your heart the principle that you are the most excluded people, the most excluded regions, the most excluded population groups, the first and foremost in all administrative work and all public policy objectives that you build. Welcome to the Government of change”, Petro told his ministers.

The president made the six new officials official between loves and hates, because just as the suitability of some has been pointed out, three of the list of newly appointed officials are already involved in controversies.

Reyes and Vélez have been involved in controversies in which their suitability to assume the position is questioned. For example, minTransporte is accused of having committed plagiarism and minMinas is questioned for not having experience in the sector and, furthermore, her profession is a philosopher.

It should be noted that the leaders of three portfolios are yet to be sworn in: the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Information Technologies and the Ministry of Sciences.

It should be noted that the MinTIC was expected to have its minister sworn in today, but the process was suspended by Petro. In this portfolio, the president had appointed Mery Gutiérrez, however, she is another of those questioned, since she was linked to a lawsuit against the State, specifically against the portfolio that she would direct, which would constitute a conflict of interest. Therefore, Petro is “evaluating” the convenience of his appointment.

As for the Ministry of Justice, this will be in charge of former magistrate Néstor Osuna. The designated official has to formalize his departure from the Externado University, where he is a professor at the Faculty of Law, before assuming the Government portfolio, for which it has been indicated that this may take a few days.

Also missing is the person who will be in charge of the Ministry of Sciences. This portfolio generates doubts in the public, since Petro has not yet announced who it will appoint to the position.

The Cabinet of Gustavo Petro

This is the complete list of the ministerial cabinet of the recently inaugurated president of Colombia as of August 11.

Inaugurated on August 7:

Ministry of the Interior: Alfonso Prada (Bogotá, 57 years old).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Álvaro Leyva Durán (Bogotá, 79 years old)

Ministry of Finance and Public Credit: José Antonio Ocampo (Cali, 69 years old).

Ministry of Defense: Iván Velásquez Gómez (Medellín, 67 years old).

Ministry of Agriculture: Cecilia López Montaño (Bogotá, 79 years old)

Ministry of Health: Carolina Corcho (Medellín, 39 years old).

Ministry of Education: Alejandro Gaviria (Santiago de Chile, 56 years old).

Ministry of the Environment: Susana Muhamad (Barranquilla, 45 years old).

Ministry of Culture: Patricia Ariza (Vélez, Santander, 76 years old).

Ministry of Labor: Gloria Inés Ramírez (Philadelphia, Caldas, 66 years old).

Ministry of Mines and Energy: Irene Vélez (Bogotá, 40 years old), Mines and Energy.

Ministry of Commerce: Germán Umaña Mendoza (Bogotá, 59 years old).

Catalina Velasco Campuzano (Bogotá, 54 years old).

Ministry of Transport: Guillermo Reyes (Barrancabermeja, 56 years old).

Ministry of Sports: María Isabel Urrutia (Candelaria, Valle del Cauca, 57 years old).

for possessing

Ministry of Justice: Néstor Osuna Patiño (Bogotá, 60 years old).

ICT Ministry: Mery Gutiérrez Cabezas.

To designate:

Ministry of Sciences.


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