Guastatoya could not with Mixco and they tied without goals

Guastatoya and Mixco failed to open the scoring and the match corresponding to date 4 of Guatemala – Torneo Apertura 2022 ended in a draw.

Rodrigo Marroquín had a great performance. The Mixco defender was important.

Another player who had a great game was Adrián De Lemos. The Guastatoya goalkeeper was the protagonist against Mixco.

The meeting had several cautioned: Cristian Albizures, Matías Galvaliz, Jonathan Márquez and Danilo Guerra.

Guastatoya’s coach, Mario Acevedo, presented a 4-4-2 tactical arrangement with Adrián De Lemos in goal; Wilson Pineda, Omar Domínguez, Brayan Morales and Rubén Morales on the defensive line; Cristian Albizures, Marco Rivas, Andersson Ortiz and Matías Galvaliz in the middle; and Orlen Quintero and Enzo Herrera in attack.

For its part, Julio Gómez’s team came out with a tactical arrangement 4-4-2 with Kenderson Navarro under the three posts; Dany Rodas, Jordan Smith, Jorge Sotomayor and Diego Méndez in defense; Yonathan Pozuelos, Gabriel García, Jonathan Márquez and Eithel Rodríguez Araya in midfield; and Agustín Herrera and Mario Hernández up front.

Bryan Fernandez was the referee chosen for the match at the David Cordon Hichos stadium.

On the next date, Guastatoya will visit Xelajú MC and Mixco will play at home against Xinabajul.

In this way, the local is in fifth place in the championship with 6 points, while the visit, with 2, is in twelfth place.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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