At what time do Melgar vs Internacional play LIVE TODAY: quarterfinals round of Copa Sudamericana 2022

At what time do Melgar vs Internacional play for the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana
At what time do Melgar vs Internacional play for the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana

Melgar vs International LIVE. The Domino visit, today, Thursday, August 11, to Colorado at the Beira-Rio Stadium in Porto Alegre for the quarterfinal second leg of the Copa Sudamericana 2022. It will be all or nothing in search of the pass to the semifinals of the contest. Follow the incidents.

live incidents

Melgar: Carlos Cáceda, Leonel Galeano, Alejandro Ramos, Alec Deneumostier, Paolo Reyna, Martín Pérez Guedes, Horacio Orzán, Alexis Arias, Walter Tandazo, Bernardo Cuesta and Cristian Bordacahar.

International: Daniel, Gabriel Mercado, Renê, Fabricio Bustos, Vitão, Edenílson, Alan Patrick, Gabriel, Carlos de Pena, Braian Romero and Wanderson.

In the first game of the series Melgar tied 0-0 with Internacional at the UNSA stadium in Arequipa. In this way, the key was left open for both teams, but with a certain advantage for the team that closes at home in Brazil.

In the first leg, Melgar imposed conditions on his rival, but he lacked efficiency when defining the scoring chances he generated. The visitor leveled the actions, despite playing with 10 men from the 64th minute due to Alemao’s expulsion.

Summary of the first leg

Summary Melgar vs Internacional 0-0. Video: DirecTV

Since the 2022 season, the Conmebol tournaments (Libertadores and Sudamericana) have revoked the tiebreaker criteria for the away goal.

Thus, the winner of a match with equal results is decided by the goals in favor resulting from the difference between the goals scored and goals conceded.

In this case, Melgar and Internacional tied goalless, so the team that wins by any score in the 90 minutes of play will qualify for the next round. On the contrary, the club that loses will be eliminated.

However, if the match is tied by any score in regular time, the tiebreaker to determine the winner will be held through a penalty shootout.

The winner of the series between Melgar and Internacional in the quarterfinals will face Independiente del Valle from Ecuador for the semifinals of the South American 2022. The Ecuadorian team beat Deportivo Táchira from Venezuela by a global score of 5-1. Another team that reached the phase prior to the final was Atlético Goianiense, which eliminated Nacional de Uruguay led by striker Luis Suárez.

Tuesday, August 9

Atletico Goianiense 3-0 National

Independent Valley 4-1 Deportivo Táchira

Wednesday, August 10

Ceará vs Sao Paulo (5:15 pm | Castelao Stadium)

National 0-1 Atletico Goianiense

Deportivo Tachira 0-1 Independiente del Valle

Sao Paulo 1-0 Ceara


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