Andy Rivera opened his heart and told his followers that he suffers from a deep depression

Andy Rivera said that he is going through a difficult time with his depression.  Photo taken from Instagram @AndyRivera
Andy Rivera said that he is going through a difficult time with his depression. Photo taken from Instagram @AndyRivera

Andy Rivera He is one of the artists of the urban genre who enjoys good recognition in the world of entertainment due to the trajectory he has in the musical field and has shared with his followers on social networks the difficult times he is going through due to the depression that has affected him. it affects.

He has repeatedly wanted to attract the attention of Internet users with the sensual publications that he shares after the arduous training sessions, which makes thousands of his fans go crazy. However, as revealed by the artist, behind all this lies an illness that has been affecting him for some time.

Recently, the artist’s followers have noticed his absence on Instagram, which has caused concern about what he may be going through at the moment; speculation is the order of the day, some say that she possibly affected the courtship of Lina Tejeiro with Juan Duque, others speak of a failed love affair with someone else, but he himself told the truth through his InstaStories.

As has been known, the interpreter of songs like Fire either little birds in the air He has been fighting depression since 2021, a complex condition that has forced him on multiple occasions to stay away from everything that has to do with his public appearances at concerts, social media posts and the fame that follows him.

“Life is not fixed only with money, nor a giant house”the artist initially wrote in the deep message with which he reflects on what success has been in his life.

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Additionally, the artist emphasized the ability of the human being to be able to heal the wounds that remain open over time, which is why some of his followers speculate that he was talking about Lina Tejeiro; he added he, that he wants to live surrounded by peace and tranquility.

“The body ages and we all die and also we don’t take a single weight anywhere, happiness and a state of peace comes when you let go of your fears, let yourself beyou heal the wounds of your childhood, your adolescence and even those that were done to you yesterday…”, can be read in the message.

Andy Rivera highlighted in his powerful message that the fears that human beings have must be released because it is what does not allow progress in the search for happiness.

“Today I understand everyone who is feeling depression (…) even if your life looks perfect, maybe it is not the one you wanted for yourself. You feel like you want to go out looking for something and the fear of being unable to do so makes you feel that way today, but we are more than that frustration. There is something much stronger and more capable within us than we imagine, “the message concludes.

Below you can see the emotional message that Andy Rivera shared about his depression:

The artist told his followers what he has been suffering since 2021

The reactions of his followers did not take long to appear, since the entertainment portal La Chismosa News He was in charge of sharing the information, in which several messages of support can be seen, such as the one written by an Internet user who congratulated him because expressing what he feels is not synonymous with weakness: “cheer up Andy, you can handle good things and with the energy you have”.


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