A blind participant surprised Guido Kaczka by his ability to speak backwards in The 8 Steps

in the cycle The 8 million steps (El Trece), was presented Joaquin Villanuevaa 22-year-old blind man who surprised Guido Kaczka for his ability to speak backwards. “If you tell me a word or a sentence, I start from the last letter to the first of the first word”, explained the participant.

During the talk, the host asked the contestant: “Do you do it because you want to, or does your head think about everything you listen to?” With total sincerity, Joaquín replied: “No, I started when I was 8 years old because I was bored. I started improvising with the words.” Then the young man showed his talent and very quickly said the months of the year backwards.

In addition, the participant said that he was studying psychopedagogy and that he needed to take only one subject to graduate. Later, he explained that he planned to start other courses, such as computer programming and English. Finally, Joaquín said what he would do with the money if he won: “I would collaborate with my mother to renovate the house, who always had to row it alone and I would help a lot.”

On the other hand, this week on the show The 8 million steps had been presented Horacio, a participant who worked as a carpenter and played music at a station in San Fernando. At the end of the competition, he managed to answer correctly and was crowned the winner.

“Against which world team did Diego Maradona miss a penalty in the ’90 World Cup in Italy? A: Cameroon, B: Yugoslavia, C: Italy D: Romania”, I ask Martin Liberman in The 8 million steps. While Jorge chose option CHoracio went for the B, which was the correct one and he became a creditor of the million pesos.

As soon as they brought him the check and the music that consecrated it sounded, he was moved and when reviewing what he would do with the prize, he surprised his family, since the reason had not been told even to the most intimate. “And what happens is that I wanted to fix the car, apart from the roof of my house, because my parents live in Necochea and they are already grown up, so it was very difficult for me to go visit them,” The carpenter who also works as a musicalizer at a station in Necochea said almost in tears.

Due to the distance, it is not easy for him to see his family: “With this I can fix the car and go see them, to my mom Isabella and my dad Ramón, that surely they are seeing me there in Necochea, and they do not know that I am here, either”. “Ah, don’t you know?” Guido Kaczka wanted to know and added: “Uh! The joy they are going to have!”

Then the carpenter said that he could imagine how his parents would be: “I get excited about that, because God willing, the car can be fixed and I can go visit my parents there.” Faced with the fiery question, perhaps even more crucial than those of the jury, as to whether he wanted to return, he said very sure that he did: “We’re back, we’re back.” On Monday night he was again in the competition and although he was in the middle steps, he made a very good performance in his step.


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