U-20 World Cup: Linda Caicedo is chosen as the best player of the match against Germany

Linda Caicedo, best player of the match against Germany at the 2022 World Cup in Costa Rica. Image: Getty Images.
Linda Caicedo, best player of the match against Germany at the 2022 World Cup in Costa Rica. Image: Getty Images.

Colombian women’s soccer continues to show its face for sport and making history in our country. The Colombia under-20 team could not have had a better rival than Germany to show that this generation of players is willing to stand up to the best in the world and best of all, with good play.

After beating the combined Teuton, the powerpuff girls managed to write a new historical milestone in Colombian soccer, this is the first time in history that Colombia can beat GermanyThis includes friendly, official and men’s category matches.

Although this achievement was achieved thanks to the collective action of those led by Carlos Paniagua, there was one player who stood out among the others. Linda Caicedo continues to make her way among the best players in the world and after her performance against the Germans, after 90 minutes, FIFA decided to give her the award for the best player of the match.

The youth of Deportivo Cali was one of the most revulsive for the national team. In the left sector it caused problems for the side beke sterner that on several occasions could not contain the Colombian. Even on one occasion in the first half, Caicedo was left hand in hand against goalkeeper Julia Kassen, who was the one who drowned his goal attempt.

Her character, charisma and attitude on the field made her win the award given by the highest soccer regulatory body and day by day she is truly planted as a soccer player who can set the pace for an entire generation of soccer.

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In a few brief statements to Snail gol, Caicedo affirmed that this match was extremely important so that people can change the way they think about the Colombian, affirming that they are already at another level of play:

“This changes the way people think about Colombians, competing in the World Cups is something impressive, it is already at a different rhythm of the game, very happy for that victory and also for the goal by Mariana Muñoz”.

In addition, she specified that she has not only earned the love of her followers for her way of playing, but for the person she is, which is very important to her, and she invited all the fans Tricolor to continue supporting them in the orbital event because he assured that more joys are coming in the competition:

“Very happy, I have won over people because of the way I play and as a person, that is important. Now to continue working, to continue along that path, along that beautiful path, I know that more joys are coming “

With this pace of play that Linda has been demonstrating, the Colombian national team, both under-20 and senior, will be able to secure a benchmark on the field of play that can lead the national team to continue making history in world football.

The next match of the coffee makers will be before the Mexico national team the Saturday August 13 at 6:00 pm Colombian time at the National Stadium of Costa Rica. Colombians who want to follow the path of powerpuff girls will be able to tune in to the matches completely free of charge through the platform streaming FIFA+.

At the moment, Colombia is leader of group B with three points, Mexico is second with 1 unit, New Zealand also follows with 1 point and Germany is in last position with no units achieved.


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