Search for dozens of migrants who were shipwrecked in the Aegean Sea in Greece

The Greek coastguard was looking for dozens of migrants on Wednesday after the shipwreck of their ship off the coast of the island of Karpathos, in the southeast of the Aegean Sea, according to a statement from that institution.

“So far 29 people, Afghans, Iraqis and Iranians, have been rescued and the search continues because, according to their statements, between 20 and 50 more people were on the ship that sank,” a person in charge of the office told AFP. Coast Guard Press.

The ship that capsized had sailed from the Turkish city of Antalia, in the south of that country and not far from Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, and was destined for Italy, according to the same source.

Four boats sailing in the area of ​​the wreck, two coastguard patrol boats and a Greek air force helicopter are involved in the search for the missing, which is hampered by strong winds of 40 to 50 km/h, he told the radio. Skai Nikos Kokalas, spokesman for the bodyguards.

The dangerous journey between the Greek islands and the Turkish coast in the Aegean, located in the eastern Mediterranean, costs the lives of many migrants and refugees who try to reach Europe aboard improvised boats to flee from war and misery.

Since January 2022, 64 people have died in the eastern Mediterranean, and 111 in 2021, according to data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).


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