Public Ministry appoints new prosecutors for the Special Team against the Corruption of Power

Public Ministry appoints new prosecutors.  Photo: Government of Peru.
Public Ministry appoints new prosecutors. Photo: Government of Peru.

New members join. The Public Prosecutor’s Office appointed new prosecutors for the Special Team against Corruption of Power (EFICCOP). The specific objective is to investigate officials about cases of corruption for the alleged crimes of organized crime, illicit drug trafficking, money laundering and related.

In order to strengthen the team, Patricia Benavidez, Public Prosecutor of the Nation, arranged for a Provincial Prosecutor position and two for Provincial Deputy Prosecutor positions. Therefore, the prosecutors are added Kelinda Janampa Oscategui Y Luis Ismael Martinez Moraleswho will be until December 31, 2022.

“Specify that the appointment and designation of one (01) Provisional Provincial Deputy Prosecutor of the Fiscal District of Lima Centro and his designation in the Special Team of Prosecutors against Corruption of power”, reads the article published in the newspaper A Peruvian man.

At the beginning of July, the Public ministry presented to EFICCOP, led by prosecutor Marita Rivera. In this sense, Benavides mentioned that the team will develop strategic investigations, the main objective of its management being the fight against corruption. “The prosecutors who assume the functions of the special team today will meet the goals set in the fight against criminality in power,” he said.

Among the cases being investigated is that of the President of the Republic, peter castle, for the alleged crime of criminal organization against the State. It should be remembered that, within these investigations, there are His relatives, a former Minister of Transport and Communications, and owners of a company were involved.

As recalled, yesterday, August 9, at approximately 5 p.m., members of the National Prosecutor’s Office and the High Complexity Crimes Investigation Division (Diviac) of the National Police They arrived at the Government Palace to arrest Yenifer Paredes after a preliminary order of 10 days.

However, it was not possible to arrest the youngest sister of the Paredes, despite the fact that, according to sources from the Public Ministry, she remained in the Palace. In addition, the mayor of Anguía was also intervened, Jose Nenil Medina Guerrero and the businessmen Hugo Jhony Espino Lucana Y Anggi Estefani Espino Lucana.

The National Prosecutor's Office is looking for Yenifer Paredes.  Photo: Composition Infobae
The National Prosecutor’s Office is looking for Yenifer Paredes. Photo: Composition Infobae

Yenifer Paredes’ lawyer, Joseph Dionicio Quesnay, indicated that he does not know the whereabouts of his client. “For now I do not know his whereabouts. She lives in Cajamarca, as she has made known to the Prosecutor’s Office, “she said.

Until now, Paredes’ whereabouts are unknown.. Likewise, the National Police of Peru arrived at the home of the head of state in Cajamarca, where they did not locate her either.

Given this diligence, the President of the Republic decided to pronounce himself yesterday at night. He called it an “illegal search” by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Special Team of the PNP.

“All Peruvians are witnesses to the continuous implementation of a media plan that aims to take power illegally and unconstitutionally. Today the Government Palace and the presidential house, once again, have been violated with an illegal search endorsed by a judge, coincidentally when the request for my disqualification is being requested,” he mentioned.


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