Magaly Medina laughs at ‘Chorri’ Palacios for taking therapy with his wife: “Being faithful is a matter of values”

Magaly Medina laughs at “Chorri” Palacios for saying that he has therapy with his wife. (ATVs)

Magaly Medina did not go unnoticed the recent statements of Roberto Palacios in an interview she had with Cindy Marino on her YouTube channel. And it is that, the former soccer player revealed that he is currently undergoing therapy with his wife to recover her marriage after her ampays.

“I am calm because thank God my wife, despite the anger and anger, we are trying to cope with this moment. We are with a person who helps us professionally, because I have asked him, because I don’t want to lose my family”, said the former baseball player in ‘They tell Cindy’.

This caused Magaly Medina show indignation and express their rejection of the words of Roberto ‘Chorri’ Palacios, because he assured that fidelity is a matter of respect and values. Furthermore, he did not fail to point out that his excuses for cheating are ‘pathetic’.

“The defense he makes of himself is really pathetic. A totally macho defense. The only thing you have to do is not look to the sides, it is not to fall to the temptations that you may have every day, have a commitment and respect your wife, that no therapy is going to teach you because it is a matter of values. You make the decision to be unfaithful or to be faithful,” the journalist began.

‘Chorri’ Palacios confesses that he is undergoing therapy with his wife after the ampays. (VIDEO: YouTube)

Likewise, he referred to the excuse of the popular ‘Chorri’ Palacios, who said that his infidelities were a sign from God to realize that he should be closer to his family. Given this, the popular ‘Magpie’ He bursts out laughing several times because he was sheltered twice by different women.

“Diosito sent him those signs in the form of a woman, and two closer signs and one of the signs he sent in a hotel,” he commented with laughter and then added: “This one does happen to justify his bad actionsthat way of behaving in life because he is not interested in the wife he has”.

At another time, the presenter stressed that Roberto Palacios had no respect for the mother of his children, after hearing that he never had feelings for the two women with whom he was caught kissing and leaving the hotel.

“His justification is that this ‘mistake’ was not out of love for another person and that his wife understood that. She’s saying that she didn’t fall for cheating and that it was just ‘hit and run’, an occasional thing. I mean, we have to hope that she fell in love with someone else for this to really be a problem. This is equal treason and disrespect. I don’t understand these excuses.”sentenced.

Magaly Medina made fun of Roberto Palacios for saying that he has therapy with his wife.  (Capture)
Magaly Medina made fun of Roberto Palacios for saying that he has therapy with his wife. (Capture)

Brenda Saldaña was caught entering a hotel with Roberto Palacios. After that, she spoke to the cameras of Magaly Tv La Firme and she had no problem accepting that she entered that place with the former soccer player after being told that they had images of them together.

I’ve known him since February through mutual friends. I met him at a party there we kept in contact, at first it was all friendly, friends or group meetings. The truth is we haven’t talked for a long time but he started the conversation, he wrote me yesterday”, said the young woman.

I can’t tell you that it’s normal for him to be married but what can I tell you, if there are images, what can I tell you. I don’t exactly know if he’s still with her, I haven’t talked to him about that, I haven’t asked him either, it happened and that’s it, it happened that we could get together for a while and that’s it”, he added.

Brenda Saldaña assured that she did not ask “Chorri” Palacios about his wife, they simply agreed to meet at a hotel.


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