League 1: FPF explained why the bidding for television rights will be held in Chile

Peruvian Football Federation is in a controversy over the television rights of League 1.
Peruvian Football Federation is in a controversy over the television rights of League 1.

The Peruvian Football Federation is involved in a controversy and this time for the television rights of the League 1. For this reason, the private sports organization published a statement explaining why the tender will be held in Chile. In addition, he made it clear that the Peruvian clubs will not stop receiving this money.

“The FPF is the governing body of Peruvian soccer recognized by FIFA and CONMEBOL. It owns the television rights of the competitions it organizes, including the League 1 tournament″, in this way the organization headed by Agustín Lozano clarified its role in this mess.

After communicating his faculties, he indicated that he began the “bidding process for the rights of the League for the 2023 edition.” In order to benefit the first division clubs at an economic, sports and infrastructure level. That is to say, the Peruvian soccer teams will continue to receive the money for the transmission of matches.

In the second paragraph of the statement, he explained the reason for carrying out the tender in Chile. “In 2020, the FPF hired Landmarka Latin American investment bank and at Prism Group, a business holding company from that country with extensive experience in the TV and soccer market”. For this reason, the federation began this process in an international headquarters, “pursuing neutrality and objectivity”.

Likewise, the FPF reported that the participation of national and international companies that “may have an interest in improving the TV product” was called. Along the same lines, he invited GOLPERU, the current television house that has the rights to League 1, to compete freely and “on equal terms with the other bidders.”

Despite the fact that the current board of directors was elected in December 2021 by a Bases Assembly, recognized by FIFA and ratified by the TAS, its registration in SUNARP is in “process”. But, he emphasized that this process is “for registration publicity and not to recently acquire its legal validity.”

FPF statement on television rights.
FPF statement on television rights.

Clubs stance

University of Sports, Cienciano and Alianza Lima They are the only clubs that have ruled on this case. The three clubs published a joint statement to show their concern.

“We are about to enter into an unprecedented conflict between the FPF and the television houses, where the injured, punished, sanctioned and penalized will be the soccer clubs; this despite the fact that we have been fulfilling each and every one of our contractual benefits”, can be read in the document.

Television houses that want League 1

According to the newspaper La República, TNT Sports is the main candidate to have the transmission rights of the Peruvian championship. However, it would not be the only one. To learn a little about this television house, it is owned by Warner Bros and Discovery and currently covers Argentine and Chilean soccer.

As stated above, TNT Sports is one of the television companies that wants to replace GOLPERU. DirecTV Sports and Star + also have in their plans to enter the fight for the TV faculties of the ‘Inca’ tournament. All this has for a while and Movistar will not want to be without Peruvian football.


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