A Peruvian will be in charge of defining Colombia’s economic policy in the government of Gustavo Petro

César Ferrari, new director of the DNP.  PHOTO: MORE COLOMBIA
César Ferrari, new director of the DNP. PHOTO: MORE COLOMBIA

“Cesar Ferrari will be the director of national planning, DNP, civil engineer from the Catholic University of Peru, Master in regional and urban planning from New York University, and Doctor of Economics from Boston University, current professor of Economics at Javeriana”, Thus, the appointment of this official was made official, one of the last that Gustavo Petro was missing from the cabinet.

New director of the DNP
New director of the DNP

From the Colombian Academy of Economic Sciences highlight that ferrari He has been a member since 2018. In addition to his academic achievements, which the president highlighted, the Peruvian engineer has been general manager of the central bank of his country, director of the National Planning Institutealso from there and that could be said to be the equivalent of the neighboring nation, with the DNP in ColombiaHe even worked as an advisor to the International Monetary Fundamong many other positions and investigations around financial and economic development.

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how did you confirm it Mauricio Lizcanodirector of Administrative Department of the Presidency, DAPREhis possession, as well as that of the other ministers who would complete the cabinet of the government of Gustavo Petrofor example, the case of Nestor Osuna, designated in the portfolio of justice; It will be until Thursday, August 11.

The explanation for this ‘delay’ is given by the president’s current agenda, in addition to the preparation of the legal requirements for his official possession:

“We want to inform the country that on Thursday at 8 in the morning the rest of the ministers will be positioned, and the cabinet, which was completed with the appointment of Professor Ferrari in the DNP. They have not positioned themselves because the requirements needed to position themselves take time, they all meet the requirements, simply because of the president’s agenda he can only do so until Thursday at 8 in the morning. That day, all the ministers take office with the exception of Dr. Osuna, who has to resign from the Externado University and is doing the paperwork.”

Thus, it would be, for now and if nothing extraordinary happens, the only official of his foreign cabinet, in fact, there is no recent record of any such appointment, however, and to the surprise of some, the Political constitution endorse these designations.

According to him concept 57531 of 2020issued by the Administrative Department of Public Function, points out the feasibility of linking foreigners as public servants; this protected by the magna carta, in several articles, for example:

“ARTICLE 40. Every citizen has the right to participate in the formation, exercise and control of political power. To make this right effective, you can: Access the performance of public functions and positions, except for Colombians, by birth or by adoption, who have dual nationality. The law will regulate this exception and will determine the cases to which it must be applied”.

However, the Law 43 of 1993defines which are the positions to which foreigners cannot apply, or access, expressed in article 28 of said regulations; for example: president or vice president, senators, magistrates of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Justice, Superior Judicial Council, attorney general of the nation, registrar and members of the electoral council, comptroller, attorney, chancellor or defense minister, member of the armed forces as officers and non-commissioned officers, directors of intelligence and security agencies and/or those determined by law.

At the time of his appointment, the Pontifical Javeriana University He wished success to his teacher, who had been part of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences since 1999:

“We congratulate César Attilio Ferrari, full professor since 1999, who was appointed by Gustavo Petro as director of the National Planning Department. We wish him success in this important service to the country”.


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