Why does Raphy Pina go to jail and how many years in jail did they give him?

Latest news: What happened to Raphy Pina and why will Natti Natasha's husband go to jail?  Credits: Infobae Peru.
Latest news: What happened to Raphy Pina and why will Natti Natasha’s husband go to jail? Credits: Infobae Peru.

Peru is one of the countries that has a large number of followers of the reggaeton. In addition to having a legion of fans that fill the stadiums with the visit of their top representatives, Peruvians are no strangers to what happens in the urban genre music scene.

The latest news about the producer raphy pina has attracted attention, especially due to its absence in future collaborations, since due to the sentence received, the husband of Natti Natasha and partner of daddy yankee He will remain in jail to serve his sentence.

The Puerto Rican has worked with artists such as Arcángel, RKM, Ken-Y, Zion, Lennox, Tony Dize, Nicky Jam, Plan B, Farruko, Don Omar, Jowell and Randy, among others.

Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves, the man behind the successful reggaeton collaborations was found guilty of violating the federal weapons law, receiving a sentence of 3 years and 5 months, during which time he will remain in prison without the right to be released on bail. In addition, he will have to pay a fine equivalent to 150 thousand dollars.

Instagram photo @raphypina
Instagram photo @raphypina

This process is not recent, since its history with the justice of Puerto Rico It began in 2015, when he pleaded guilty to the charge of mortgage fraud; also for illegal possession of weapons. What happened prevented him from keeping any type of artifact with the same characteristics in his possession.

Taking his artistic career seriously, he made the decision to found his own record label in 1996.

By 2020, an investigation was opened for have weapons in one of their homes based in Puerto Rico. In order not to repeat history, Raphy Pina defended himself, declaring that he had no knowledge of these elements, adding that several people entered that space.

While waiting for the judge’s final evaluation, he had to wear an electronic shackle. Due to the last events that he starred in while on parole, they were enough for Judge Francisco Besosa, of the federal court of Puerto Rico, to take action and declare him guilty.

The activities of the singer Natti Natasha have changed drastically in the face of the situation facing her husband. She shared a message dedicated to her daughter on her personal Instagram account where she mentions the music producer. Until now, she has avoided manifesting herself on social networks due to the sentence of her partner.

“I have a real doll that drives me to be a better me every day and to continue fighting more than ever for my family and to continue achieving everything I set out to do. Mom and dad (my doll) we love you, but with the soul and you have sealed our love forever. Here, we will always be for you”.

These are the last messages from producer Raphy Pina on Instagram before losing his freedom after being sentenced in Puerto Rico.

– “A life with purpose”.

– “I love you so much. See you soon. Thank you for your prayers.”

– “… That is why, today more than ever, the last name you lent me sounds, not in the way you would like, but I know that you know the truth and why I keep going. I get another one.”

– “God bless you. With his prayers it will be enough for me and I will continue on my beloved island forever”.

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