Marcos López and Álex Valera: how much are both Peruvian soccer players valued now

Marcos López and Álex Valera: how much are both Peruvian soccer players valued now
Marcos López and Álex Valera: how much are both Peruvian soccer players valued now

In this last week, two Peruvian players have changed shirts and emigrated to another league. This is the case of Marcos Lopez and Alex Valera. The first signed for Feyenoord until December 2026, and in this way, he will be another Peruvian playing in the Eredivisie 2022-23, placed with Emmen FC are Miguel Araujo, Fernando Pacheco and Gonzalo Sánchez.

The 22-year-old Chalaco, Marcos López, will play for the first time in European football after spending three and a half seasons with the San José Earthquakes, of the MLS.

Since his time at Sporting Cristal, when he was listed at 75,000 euros, according to the specialized portal Transfermarkt, the player Marcos López has seen his record increase by leaps and bounds until today, which after his arrival at the powerful Feyenoord his value is at 1,800,000 euros, a figure equivalent to 2,400% of the value he had when he was a Rimense footballer.

This economic amount could increase even more in the coming months, depending on how he does in his new squad. At the moment, López is waiting to receive his work permit to be eligible and have the chance to debut, a possibility that has him excited.

This 2022, Marcos López had played 17 MLS matches, in which he scored a goal. His track record includes the 2018 Peruvian First Division championship with Cristal, his only national title to date.

Alex Valera has already had minutes and has been training hard in his new team, Al Fateh, whose contract is for three years.

However, let us remember that the gunner Alex Valera made his debut in the First Division in 2020, with a Deportivo Llacuabamba shirt. The following year he signed for Universitario de Deportes and from there his sports career took off, which took him to the Peruvian national team.

According to the latest Transfermarkt update, Alex Valera has a market value of 850 thousand euros. His rise has been quite fast, because in 2020, when he played for Llacuabamba, he was barely worth 100 thousand euros.

This season, Alex Valera became one of the top scorers in the tournament, scoring 12 times. This panorama generated the interest of foreign clubs:

University 3-0 AD Cantolao (1 goal)

University 3-0 San Martin (1 goal)

University 3-0 Cesar Vallejo (1 goal)

University 2-1 ADT (2 goals)

University 1-1 Sport Boys (1 goal)

Atletico Grau 0-1 University (1 goal)

University 3-1 Alianza Atlético (2 goals)

University 1-0 UTC (1 goal)

University 1-1 AD Cantolao (1 goal)

San Martin 4-0 Universitario (1 goal)


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